Let's Have Your Face Fixed

03 July 2009

Just the other day, my husband was joking about my face. We both noticed that my skin's starting to dry. For quite sometime, I wasn't using any moisturizer. And dry skin is one of its effects. So dry it will make you look old. All of a sudden my husband joked "let's fix your face". Naughty grin. I know it was just a joke but of course, why will I have my face fixed. I'm happy with it.
And even if I needed one, I wouldn't choose plastic surgery to do it. A good cosmetic surgery would be enough.
Cosmetic surgery pertains to procedures that are used to improve or change the appearance of the nose, eyes, eyebrows or other facial features. Cosmetic surgery can help people remove or change a certain physical feature that, as a result, makes them happier with their appearance and enhances their self-confidence, as well. Botox is a good example of a cosmetic surgery.
It is known to cure a lot of other conditions apart from clearing out facial lines. It is now used for brow lift as well as shaping up the eyebrows? They also work to widen up the eyes and give them a more rounded look. They can also shape up the sides of the jaw as well as the face. These can all be achieved through Botox injections and no invasive surgery is required.
Individuals who suffer from back pain and do not find any relief from the traditional therapies, Botox now offers a solution to provide them back pain relief... The magic cosmetic surgery can do. If it will make the person happy, why not.


Karen said...

aw mine's really oily. that's my problem, really oily that you can fry eggs in it ahehehe.

onlinemommy said...

Ako mommy I need a lipo and a nose lift bwahahaha :D

J/k lng hehehe...

I always believe that God's design for my physical appearance is the best for me. As the Bible said, "I am wonderfully and fearfully made."

One cause daw ng dryness ng skin ang coffee because it dehydrates our body but really sure. And it's true that when are skin is dry, we look older.

Seiko said...

Either I wont choose for plastic surgery to do it so.I would rather go into natural way.