Awards For The Week

22 July 2009

Spread the Love Award from this 4 lovely ladies---Chris of The Mommy Journey, KittyKat of Amazingly Me, Mommy Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts,and Mommy Seiko of Seikos Diary.

The Best Blog Award from Musings Of A Vicks Inhaling Man and Joy of From This Side .

All 3 From Mommy Jac of Mom’s Special Diary

The Uplifting Blogger Award

The Adorable Blog Award

Elite Blog Artist Award

I will be passing The Elite Artist Award to these creative bloggers :

Make or Break - for being so thoughtful on uniting bloggers.
The Mommy Journey - thank you for giving us Mommy Moments.
Let me take this opportunity to share my thoughts about Niko's blog. Originally Niko's blog was on my Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers. I found out that her blog was already more than a year old. I had to remove her blog from the list :(
Niko’s Blog- This blogger possesses a very strong determination in life. Her writings about her daughter Yena brought out her brave side as a Mother. The loveliest and the most adorable stories about family is going to be found in her site.

All About Elizabeth - Beth's site was also included on my Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers... Its a good thing that she was able to read my story about her. A Mother carrying the true meaning of what a "supermom" is.
Smart Mommy - Creativity is indeed possessed by Willa. Visit all of her sites.
Azumi Kawaii Princess’ Story- For the wonderful stories of being a first time mom. Thank you for refreshing our minds on our own sweet experiences.
My Little Angels - Artscow! I found out about Artscow through this blogger.
Inspirational Insights - Thanks again Chris for giving us a chance to share the things that inspires us.


Chris said...

thanks for passing the elite awards to me :) will be grabbing it soon.

by the way, you deserve all these awards. i truly enjoy my visit here everytime.

happy wednesday!

Beth said...

thanks for the award Enchie!
Just like what Chris said, you SO deserve all these awards!!!

PS: I'm not a supermom ha? :) Kailangan lang, pero kung me money to spare, I'd hire a household help to do the chores! Ang hirap yata. hehehe, lahat naman yata ng wahm or sahm e ung ang dream: ung hands-on sila sa kids pero sa chores, me help, para di din malosyang! :) hay...sana malapit na un...*dream!

Thanks again Enchie, I love visiting your blog always! Keep happy and don't change! :)

Jes said...

wow! thanks!!! eheheh artscow tlga ehhehe =)

re sa sine...yeah napicturan ko kasi first time eh eheheheh =) kahit n alam ko bawL CAM SA LOOB EHHEHE tinanggalan ko ng flash aahah ayun kay anagdilim! heheheh

Seiko said...

Thanks for posting it!You desrved it!Kudos!:)

Momma Bams said...

wow you're sweet naman... nakaka-touch ka talaga.. thanks po =) Post ko ito minsan... ire-refresh ko talaga memories nyo sa mga updates ni baby... ewan ko ba, parang na-commit na ko sa babyblog ko =) Anyway ARIGATOU...

Jes said...

DONE - thnks!!!!

☆♥ ☆Willa☆♥ ☆ said...

thanks for this enchie, I will add this to my blog soon.

pehpot said...

thanks for the award Enchie :)
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