Weekend Snapshot---Fishy Dad's Day

22 June 2009

Our weekend was very productive... Starting with Friday, the moment my son and I came home from school, we breezed through the lessons he will be taking up for the week. I was able to finish all my chores on time too.

Saturday, my husband cleaned our 100gallon fish tank. We actually own 2 100G aquariums. But the fishes died one by one. I lost touch of being a "the fish master". I used grow and take care of flower horns and other fresh water fishes. I learned it from my bro-in-law.

This fish is called Frontosa... It was super small when we bought it. Now it grew more than half of its size. We like growing fishes, than buying them big. In a way, we learn to understand and appreciate the process. It is very therapeutic too.

This Parrot-Heart went through several diseases. I guess, it's a fighter inside. It also laid eggs many times. But the babies didn't survive. It's either the water pump sucked them out, or we needed to remove the water or the daddy fish ate them.

Bought this fish in Bio- Research, it was still a baby. And by the way, it took me an hour just to take these photos. I had to wait for the right moment in order to get a clear shot of them.

To end the weekend, we visited my dad for Father's Day. Had lunch in my hometown. Later in the afternoon, we ventured into the biggest gift a Dad could ever get...I will not tell... as much as want to share what it was, I can't... It was so important that I was asked to be there to witness the event. In the evening, my husband treated me and our son to some BBQ and pastries from Dulcinea. When we got home, we shared a cake (cookies and cream) which I bought for him. Then after tucking our son to bed, we drank some beer and watched a good DVD entitled The Seventh Sign, starring Demi Moore.
This year's Father's Day is one of the most relaxing celebrations we had...We just went with the flow. We usually stay around my parents home the whole day... But now, a little change made it more exciting and like I said, relaxing.

Cheers to all Dads!!!

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tigerfish said...

What a stress free Father's Day weekend :)

Seiko said...

We used to have gold fish in the house & my experience about taking good care for the eggs I rememeber was we separate the eggs & put it inside the plastic bag & putit back inside the aquarium to avoid parents eating them it's the same like taking good care of the egg bettles....
Oh & not not to forget...I'm sure you guys had had fun celebrating that special night w/ those special men in your life.
Happy Monday Mommy Enchie!

Marites said...

we used to be an aquarium at home too but the cats had so much fun playing or trying to capture them that they died one by one probably due to stress. Anyway, it looks like you've had a fun Father's Day:) have a nice week ahead!

my Ws is up too.

Hazel said...

"They died one by one" - that's exactly what happened to my five fish too. Must have been the faulty oxygen tube. I agree - tending pets is therapuetic. Have a great week. MY WS is also up.

Dora said...

Happy Father's Day. Hope u have fun. :)

EastCoastLife said...

Happy Father's Day to all Dads!
It's sad to have the fishes die one by one. I gave up keeping an aquarium too.

Ebie said...

Mee, too, my fishes died one by one! I am content with my kitty cat now. And that's a stress free celebration. Happy Father's Day!

joy said...

we used to have an aquarium because bf gave me one. we had a parrot fish too, and in another aquarium a flower horn. but both died on us and since then we stop taking care of fishes and just gave the aquarium to our neighbor. i missed my parrot fish, it was so cute. anyway belated happy father's day to your dad and to your husband. take care.

Meikah said...

Wow you had a full fun weekend! :) Good shots, too. Thanks for sharing.

Beth said...

I love the way you celebrated Father's Day Ench! Seeing your dad and being with hubby too, who's the dad of your Franky. It's like hitting two birds in one stone. I just wish I could do that someday.

You're right, very relaxing too!

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