Mommy Moments---Time Out With Friends

05 June 2009

mommy moments

This mom is back for some Mommy Moments. My son doesn't have any friends yet (like officially). We live in a condo and most of the people who lives here are Balikbayans and businessmen. So our neighbors come and go.
The group my son likes to hang out with are with his cousins.

Their age bracket is 2 years. They go well together and they love tickling each other.

Umbrella inside the house...Outside, the dog was eyeing for their food :)

And the latest is at School! I'm glad he was able to meet new kids and friends at school during summer. It means a lot for us. Interaction with other kids is important for children. Everytime I watch him, I also observe. I noticed that kids interact as if they have their own language.

And the most important for me is to show, that I/we are not only parents and providers to our children. We can be best of friends with them too. Anytime they can share some little secret with us, plan a day out, watch their favorite movies or even help them on dating.

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Jes said...

hi enchi naka condo pla kayu? =) nweis ang pogi ng ank mo ahahah at ang ganda ng blog mo ngayun =) love it! pasukan na..kelan tyu meet? hhehehe =) salmata sa dalaw =) - nakuha mo n b phtobok order mo i post mo ha =) ehehhe

Tetcha said...

Oo nga, hirap din ng condo living, buti na lang we both enrolled our sons in summer class. At least, they were able to mingle with kids their age.

~wickedlysexy c",? said...

My son and me have made a pact na walang secrets between the two of us...He can share me anything...Ang tanong lang hanggang kelan kaya ang effectivity nun?

mines up here;

Mommy Moments: Time Out with Friends


Mommy Jac said...

Hi Enchie,the party looks great and ang mga kids nakakatuwang pagmasdan.

Have a blessed weekend=)

Chris said...

thanks for joining us again enchie!

and yes, it is my hope too that i will be their best friends until they grow up! :)

Willa said...

Having friends around them is a big help to improved their personality as well.Great pictures,Enchie!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

nice pics.ganda ng samahan nyo ng anak mo...u r a great mom! ^_^
btw sis, i have an award for you..BEST BLOG AWARD.

kikamz said...

hi ench, i am sure franky will meet lots of new friends in school. i can see naman that he is one sociable kid. but i also know he will still prefer you to be his friend. i hope to still be bestfriends with my sam too as she gets older. i guess all parents would!

sweetytots said...

me too, sana nga bff kme even when she's all grown up na.

Seiko said...

I agree w/ you Mommy Enchie & I believe that we parents are their best friends but then still ,it is very important for our kids to build & make friends from outside the famiy to understand their differences as a human being.Nice photos Mommy enchie especially during their dine w/ umbrella..look at those big grin on their faces gwapito talaga.Happy sunday Mommy Enchie!Hugs!

Jona said...

posted mine already! at last ehe :D

the umbrella looks fun!