Rant Of A Concern Citizen

01 June 2009

As a mother, a wife of a responsible tax payer, and a concern person I call to the leaders of this country to---
Provide what's best to your citizens. With the taxes you collect each year. I think it is more than enough to prioritize education, shelter and jobs to your people.
This is too much. I had my fair share on how poor our governing system is.
Why can't you provide roof for school buildings, why can't you build new classrooms so children will have space to breath and room to think. Filipinos are intelligent people. All we need is proper caring and support to execute whatever we're best at.
Media tend to exaggerate things, I know. Whether you like it or not, immediate attention and proper planning is needed on your part. My heart for this country is great that if only I have the resources and capability, I would probably end up doing your job.
Be selfless. Stop thinking about your own earnings and benefits. You're seated there to guide, to provide from the share of taxes we are giving, and to be of service to the people.
And please stop pertaining to the less fortunate as the "Masses". You're only pulling them down. Masses meaning the "poor people" the helpless ones. Well, they're not, if you're going to give what is right for each individual. It will uplift their integrity, they will have the sense of responsibility and the value for hard work. Why can't you look at us equally? that includes you by the way.


fedhz said...

They're using their minds and power for their own benefit. Really sad.

AnnaVille said...

I share the same sentiments...I am a mom as well and it saddens me that in order to give good education to my kid I will have to pay a good amount of money as well...

""rare*jonRez"" said...

I know what you're saying Enchie. nakakaloko na talaga tong mga politicians dyan. all of them (well, wala akong ma-point na hindi. maybe Chiz escudero? i dunno!) are so corrupt and are fooling the Filipinos. look at the education system in the country. here in the US, the government's "no Child left Behind" policy is a top priority. pero sa pinas, aba, every student is left behind with the system. papa'no ba yang 70 to 80 students per classroom? hah. nakakaawa, nakakalungkot talaga mga pilipino. i could complain more and more, pero ewan, paano ba tayo pakikinggan ng mga hambog at very selfish politicians dyan?

Enchie said...

hi ladies! naku i really feel sad seeing the children having a hard time fitting in their classrooms. now that i have a kid who is fortunate enough to attend a good school, I pray that the rest could also achieve the same.

Jes said...

hay naku enchie....sinabi mo pa! bakit kaya kasi inuuna ang mg akalsadang pede nmn makapag antay kesa sa mga classrooms? bakit kaya nde nila isaoin ang pinaka importante salahat ? hay! sumasakit ang ulo ko sa pulitika satin!