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15 June 2009

These first 3, all from Mommy Jac. She is one of the most thoughtful blogger I have ever met.


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Thank you...

-A Blog Entry-

I just had one of the most life threatning experience regarding my health last night.

Yesterday, came the first day for my monthly period. I spent my Sunday as a regular day. We went and visited my parents. My dad prepared Crispy Pata and went home early in the evening. Around 10pm, before sleeping, I felt some numbness trailing from the back of my head to my upper right arm and to the upper right part of my leg. The head area was painful. But for my extremities, it wasn't pain at all. The numbness itself made it too uncomfortable for me, that I had to kick my leg to be able to feel something.

I asked my husband to take my blood pressure, thinking that it went high because of the Pata. The result was exactly the opposite. My BP went down to 112/65 0r 69. Then I realize my monthly period had something to do with it. Symptoms for high and low blood pressure are the same. And with a history of being anemic, that explained it all.

For the past months, I never experienced this. My diastolic went to as low as 58 sometime in 2008. I got too relaxed and didn't realize for the possibilities: That it may happen again. Especially everytime I'll be having my monthly period.

What if I slept with a low blood pressure, will I still wake up the following day?


Karen said...

Oh that's scary but...i hope that won't happen again for you.

God Bless you and to your family.
Have a good night!

Tetcha said...

Take care of yourself always, Mommy Enchie! Consult a doctor if you must.

Tetcha said...

Take care of yourself always, Mommy Enchie! Consult a doctor if you must.

Chris said...

thanks for passing the award to me...

what you experienced should be consulted with a doctor already if it happened more than once na...

take care!

Seiko said...

You should see & consult a doctor Mommy Enchie,the better the soonest wag mo ng patagalin. Please be very very carefull & take care,remember gusto pa nating makita ang mga growing up kids natin di ba?Sama kita sa mga prayers ko,really take care.

☆Willa☆ said...

wow!that's quite scary,kaya sometimes kahit anong simple ng nararamdaman natin,hindi dapat ito iniignore, bec we never know.Take care Mommy Enchie.

Beng said...

go see a doctor agad ha...congrats dami mo awards! thanks for sharing this...will pray for you (",)

Momma Bams said...

nakaka-worry naman.. do you take any meds for this? please see a doctor para no worries. And iron supplement na rin if you're anemic. Take care ate enchie **

maxivelasco said...

that's scary! please try and see your doctor immediately. hope you feel a lot better now though.

and oh.. i am so surprised with all the awards you've got. good for you. you deserve it!

have a great day!

by the way enchie, can we exchange links?

Beth said...

Mommy Seiko is so right. Taking care of our self not just for us but also for our kids is a must. Pa-check up ka na kaya? Di ko alam ung diastolic pero parang kakaiba ung naexperience mo last night.

Take care and update us ha?

shydub said...

That one scary thought ench, hope you are well now. Take careof your health, you should take a lot of restand consult your doctor about your health ench.

Anyway, ang daming awards dito sa kaharian mo my queen. hehehe conrats all that.

Take care and godbless you and your family.

Jacris said...

Hi Enchie,that is so scary dear,you should have to take some rest and consult your doctor.Get well soon Ench...
Btw Thank you for posting the award,I truly appreciate it =)

Evan's Mom said...

Thank God you're OK, but better take time to check up just to make sure. My diastolic is around 65-68 too but it's still considered normal in my case. But my hb is low (9.8) so my OB gave me iron tablets and I'm watching my daily iron and vit C intake.
Take care mommy, have a good day :)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis, patingin ka sa doctor as early as possible...or take vitamins din.
slamat sa award ^_^

☆Willa☆ said...

done with the award,Thanks a lot!

Ebie said...

My suggestion, is to see a doctor. Things may not seem what they seem to be. You take care.