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08 May 2009

mommy moments

Who wouldn't want to smile and laugh? Especially with our little ones. I am very happy to share some of my exclusive Happy Mommy Moments with my son. I am a happy mom. My son loves to hang out, particularly outdoors--- a lot. As much as possible, we take him out. It makes him happy to run around, and it makes us more happy just seeing him smile.

This was taken at the Tagaytay Picnic Grove. We went there to fly some kites. During this moment we were both watching some kids fly their kites so high.

In a restaurant. We love joking around while my husband takes pictures of us.

In an affair. He got pretty shy here. There were people passing us while having our picture taken.
And of course he has to learn to do the famous peace sign.
These are just some. Every day, every minute, every second is always a Happy moment for me...Even when tantrums attack (lol)
"My dreams all came true, with this one little heart beat"
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nel's bebi said...

true that enchie! every moment with our kids is indeed a happy one! happy mothers day!

Twinkie said...

I especially like the kite flying photo. You are lovely. Happy Mother's Day!

Jes said...

ang sweet ng mag mommy.....ang pogi ng ank mo...panu nlng pag me humahabol ng chicks dyan? eheheheh =) happy mothers day!

Willa said...

the first photo is absolutely sweet!!!
Happy Mother's Day Enchie!!!

G.O.D said...

he he that was my nicole she try to do that because i am teaching her how to show how old is she

Tetcha said...

Mom's happiness is always, always those precious times we spend with our kids. I love all your pictures here.Advance Happy Mother's Day!

earthlingorgeous said...

Love the photos Enchie especially the first one looks like a postcard photo for me :)

Happy Mothers Day!

yami said...

Happy Mother's Day Enchie! God Bless you and your family. :)

mommy jac said...

Hi Enchie, Happy mothers day.I like all the photos sweet and ang cute nyo sa peace sign love it!!!

SmartnBeuaty said...

Happy mother's day..., become a mother is the happies thinks

shydub said...

Happy Mothers day enchie, parang magkapatid lang kayo ng anak mo ahh hehehe. you are right every single moment is special and happy one.

Anissa said...

Too cute!
Happy Mothers Day

Ebie said...

Cherish those happy moments.

Hazel said...

"even when tantrums attack" that's right! neither am i exempted from such reality but like you, I'm happy :) happy mother's day!

Chris said...

beautiful post enchie! "even when tantrums attack"-- so true!!

the joys of motherhood are really precious and i pray that may you and your son grow closer each passing day!

happy mother's day enchie!

Genejosh said...

i love the first pics..the place is so both look so sweet!

Happy Mother's Day!

Mine is here
Happy Mommy Moments

Beth Moreno said...

visiting your mommy moments!

cute naman nung pic sa tagaytay...parang hindi sha tagaytay ah...nice choice of background. sarap ipa-blowup.

hope you can visit my entry too. cheers! =)

kikamz said...

hi ench! franky does look so at home when he is outdoors. i have a feeling that when he grows up, he will be taking you out on adventures. the photos really show how much you enjoy each other's company. very heartwarming!

have a great weekend and a fabulous mother's day!

Seiko said...

Hi Enchie!Nice photos you have here.It's true,happy mommy moments everyday even when tantrums attack!
Happy Mothers Day to you!:)