Dinner With My Parents

26 May 2009

My relationship with mom and dad is unexplainable. To make it short and clear, our bonding is so intact that I would choose to stay at home, spend the day with them, than go out with my friends. And getting married doesn't end it there.
I love my parents so much.
Before having dinner, I went shopping for some girly stuff with my mom and sister. Then met up with my dad later on.

We ate in Hap Chan. One of our favorite Chinese Restaurants.

This is my sister covering her face and my son enjoying a candid shot.
Me and my sister Les.
Hot and Sour Soup to start a good meal
This was my chosen dish for the night. My favorite, Beef with Broccoli Flowers.

Its been a long time since I shared a good dinner with my parents. I rarely share something like this on this blog. Maybe because I want to keep this part of my life as something to look forward to. A surprise that will pop up every now and then.


""rare*jonRez"" said...

hi mommy enchie! ganda naman ng get together nyo! :) at yang beef w/ broccoli mo dyan, fave din yan ni hubby ko! :)

btw, i'm adding this site of yours sa dalawang sites ko, sa mywrittenxpressions.com and rareordinarythoughts.com
hope you don't mind and you'll add me as well! :)


J@n!ce said...

Its wonderful to hear that you have an excellent relationship with your parents. Bringing them out is something I love to do for my parents too. However, they are sometimes tired of the journey cos they are quite old. As such, I will buy the foods to their home for them :):)

onlinemommy said...

The Lord will bless you with long life because of the honor you gave to your parents.

Fave ko din yang beef brocolli.

Have a nice day!

Ebie said...

What a lovely relationship. And I enjoyed your beef and broccoli, its making me drool.

Chris said...

its really great and you are really blessed :) thanks for sharing these moments with us1

niko said...

i love hap chan.. naku someday dadalhin ko din parents and parents in law ko jan! :)

Anzu's Mum said...

Musta na Ate ENchie? Sarap naman ng dinner nyo.. na-miss ko tuloy dad ko kasi lagi din kami sa chinese resto and lagi meron beef with brocolli =( You're so lucky to have a complete and closely knit family... ako kasi separated mga parents ko pero now, we're all happy na... love the pics... naeenjoy mo na ang slr mo no

G.O.D said...

wow broccoli nga sarap my fav talaga buti kpa may parents pa ako diko na nkasama yung mother ko since 6 years old she pass away when i was 6 kaya ma swerte pa din kau he he aba drama effect ata to thanks for drop by too

Seiko said...

I really admire the closeness between you & your family & it really shows in here,no wonder why you have to chose to be w/ your family rather than going out w/ your friends & I know how it feels.Keep it up & God Bless your family!
Btw,thanks for droppin' by!Hugs!Grin!

kikamz said...

THAT is one good dinner indeed: good food eaten with good company! i miss going on family dinners. i miss the laughter, the smiles, the satisfied "i am full" looks, the moments. God bless you and your family always Ench!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

nice bonding with the family and food looks yummy ^_^

Beng said...

si hubby paguwi pa lang dyan na gusto kumain! tom dinner kami dyan pero caloocan branch

Maria said...

Hi Sis. Enchie. How are you? Missing you around. I really love the bonding with your family. I will visit my family in the Philippines next month for five years here in Chicago. I miss them so much.

Take care always. Say Hi to your family

sweetham said...

sarap naman po ng pagkain. katakam!! :)

fedhz said...

sarap naman, mommy! di na kase kame close ng mama ko eh. pero dati, nung bata pa ako, nung wala pa kame mashadong differences. nung tumanda na ko, ayun. iba na utak ko, kaya nagkalayo kame ng loob.

sana part rin ako ng family nyo hehehe.