Award and Tag for the Week

05 May 2009

More awards added from Kikamz thank you sis!

Thanks Twinkie for this Honest Scrap Award. And thanks for reminding me.
I would like to ask my friends to notify me if I have a pending award or tag to post from you. I'm totally running on blank space right now. And my only basis were the pictures of the awards I saved on My Pictures. But I lost it again, with our desktop being so moody.

To Baby Sam thank you...
Niko for sending me more of the Over The Top Award.

Thank You Gene of Her and History for this 8 tag. Like I've mention in my comment, I have been waiting for somebody to tag me. Thanks again!

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

-Mother's Day & Father's Day
-Our 5th Wedding Anniversary
-My son's first day in school
-Lunch date with my mom
-Underwater camera or waterproof camera
-Twilight Saga Collection (hard bound)
-New set of bed sheets, comforter and pillow cases
-I need new jackets for the wet season

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

-Watched the Pacquiao- Hatton fight
-Went to church
-Went to Greenhills
-Ate dinner at Yoshinoya
-Slept around 8pm- woke up around 11pm coz I got hungry
-Ate midnight snack (leftover lunch--- spaghetti)
-Talked to my sister-in-law online
-Ate pretzels

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

-Study at CCA
-Own an airplane and go anywhere I want to
-Travel the World safely
-Own a Restaurant
-Meet Posh Spice and David Beckham
I adore them so much!
-Make History
-Provide food, shelter, education for every less fortunate here in the Philippines, then all over the globe.
-Time Travel

8 Shows I Watch

-America's Next Top Model
-The Office
-Family Guy
-Rachael Ray 30 minute Meal/ The Rachael Ray Show
-Everyday Italian
-TV Patrol :D
-Monster Quest

8 People I Tag

-Mommy Peh
-Mommy Tetcha


Twinkie said...

Sasabihin ko pa naman na don't worry ay na-post mo na pala. :D Thanks Enchie! Sana nga at maka-aral ka sa CCA, well... kailangan mo pa ba e ang galing-galing mo na magluto. :)

mommy jac said...

Thanks sis!!! I hope makapag aral ka sa CCA and own a restaurant someday.May customer kana sa dream restaurant mo.ME =)

Have a lovely day!!

Enchie said...

Thanks guys! I will look forward to that hehehe!

Beth said...

wow, CCA, sarap nga mag-aral dun! gusto ko din dun kya lang hanggang dream na lang yata un :)

love ko din Yoshinoya ha? esp nung single pa ko, sobrang lagi ako dun! :)

Willa said...

i love Rachel Ray too!
Thanks for this Enchie, Mommy Jac gave me this a last week. but of course, I appreciate the thought.Thanks!

Genejosh said...

Thanks for posting..Pareho tayo I love watching ANTM...God bless your heart of your wish to provide food, shelter, educ. for less have a generous heart friend

{ Jhari } said...

Nice ate Chie! Twilight Saga Hard bound, pinangarap ko rin yan, pero naging practical ako so soft copy nalang. Pero I still want the hard cover though.

Thanks for the tag. Done with mine here.

nurseabie said...

hello enchie! thanks for this 8 tag. I'll post it later this evening..Bit busy today..I'll pray that you'll be able to study at CCA.Good Luck!

mommy jac said...

Thank you sis, here is my 8tag.

have a lovely day=)

Laine's Cutie Abode said...

thanks for the tag mommy enchie. i'll grab it later :)