Busy, busy, busy...Tired!

28 May 2009

Quick post before retiring for the night. I just got home from my hometown. I am pretty tired coz I helped my mom do some gardening and I was doing the carrying (big pots) for her. Plus, I got drenched this afternoon going to my dentist. It suddenly poured. Ha!
I wanted to blog hop but I can't na.
Surely I won't be able to drop and hop until Sunday again. I decided to keep my weekend blog free. Anyway when school starts, I will have all the time while my son is at school. Will miss you all. But I'll try to take a peek once in a while.
I owe 2 Mommy Moments na Chris!
Happy TGIF and have a relaxing weekend!

Dinner With My Parents

26 May 2009

My relationship with mom and dad is unexplainable. To make it short and clear, our bonding is so intact that I would choose to stay at home, spend the day with them, than go out with my friends. And getting married doesn't end it there.
I love my parents so much.
Before having dinner, I went shopping for some girly stuff with my mom and sister. Then met up with my dad later on.

We ate in Hap Chan. One of our favorite Chinese Restaurants.

This is my sister covering her face and my son enjoying a candid shot.
Me and my sister Les.
Hot and Sour Soup to start a good meal
This was my chosen dish for the night. My favorite, Beef with Broccoli Flowers.

Its been a long time since I shared a good dinner with my parents. I rarely share something like this on this blog. Maybe because I want to keep this part of my life as something to look forward to. A surprise that will pop up every now and then.


This is long overdue. I apologize for making a late post and truly appreciate my blogger friends who were very thoughtful.
I thank Chris of The Mommy Journey and Mommy Jac of Mom’s Special Diary for the Friendship Chain. I am very happy to have been part of your blogging experience.

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Movie Mania

25 May 2009

The weekend was truly a relaxing one. First time I didn't think about Blogspot, Multiply, Entrecard and Facebook. From saturday we have been feeding our eyes with various movies.

As we were talking over dinner about the scariest movies of all time, my husband was able to set the mood for Saturday Horror Night. He immediately searched online on movies (old and new) that are considered to be on top of the list. We chose The Shining (Jack Nicholson). Based on a novel by Stephen King. It wasn't scary. It was sick!
A dad (Jack Nicholson), a family man who wanted a good life for his family. Finally nailed a job in an old Hotel, famous for its scenic beauty for ski lovers. He didn't know that the old place had a history, that every man set for the job turned it down. Being a person with deep thoughts and who wants change, he agreed to get the job. Guarding the Hotel for 5 months, the whole Winter. The only transportation that can access the place during this complicated season is a snow mobile.

With the history where an old caretaker went berserk and killed his family, some believed that his spirit still lives in the hotel.

Jack's family stayed with him. It went well at first, but as they stayed longer, things began to change. Jack was getting irritable, his son (who was gifted to have The Shining or ESP) sees things and started getting bad encounters. And the only person who remained intact was the mom played by Shelley Duvall.

"Though not initially successful, the film has had status as a cult film for years. It has since gone on to broad mainstream success, now being frequently ranked as one of the best horror films in history and its iconic imagery deeply embedded throughout popular culture, although there was a long interval between its release and its achievement of iconic status." -wiki-

The movie was really good. For a 1980's flick, they did a pretty good job. The actors portrayed their roles well. Especially Jack Nicholson. His transistion from being a good Father to an evil psycho. That was just creepy. Anyway, I give it 5 stars. It is the #1 scary movie of all time. You wanna know why? look for it and watch.

Little that you know, aside from bummin' around the house the whole weekend, my husband and I went for a quick flick of Angels and Demons sunday evening.

To start, it was too good that I couldn't think of any words on how to make a review. Yey! Tom Hanks! I missed this guy. He is one of my favorite actors. Actually I really don't want to comment about the movie. Basing it on my personal point of view, I might create conflict with people who has a different look about the whole story behind not the movie itself. I mean, thats how good it is. Plus, I want to travel and study Ancient Rome :D

To end the weekend, I declare The RING as the next scariest movie of all time. Well, we can't actually compare Western from Eastern movies. Their both different. The Ring was just off-beat, you don't know when you'll get scared. We watched it again before going to bed sunday night.


"After "normal" Sadako was murdered, the other Sadako merges with her. This merger involves no physical contact, as the child Sadako is locked in a room when it occurs (and vanishes afterwards), and two characters watching over the nearby corpse of older Sadako witnesses only the reanimation of her corpse.
The "restored" Sadako is mostly based on the older one, although when provoked her powers surface and her appearance change to resemble her younger form (her face obscured by her hair, moving mostly through shadows

Weekend Snapshot---Greenapple Cheesecake

My weekend was spent at home. I decided to free myself from certain chores and habits I do daily, like blogging. I cooked a good meal from breakfast, lunch, dinner and some midnight snacks. The only thing that I did away from the usual was a quick stop at the Gateway Mall to buy donuts for my son. We immediately went home and enjoyed our purchase for the day.

Introducing, Krispy Kreme's Greenapple Cheesecake Donut.

I was never fond of eating assorted donuts. I'm all for chocolate. If not, just the plain ones. But this, I must admit, I made exceptions. We also bought their New York Cheesecake. Both are really good. Not too sweet, not too heavy and it is very delicious.

I got too relaxed, I totally forgot about my WS entry. So immediately I took a picture of my precious donut.

Happy WS!
Join Us! Weekend Snapshot

On Blog Break

23 May 2009

Hi guys! I am on Blog break for the weekend! A quick post just to let you know. For the past days I got busy making my first photobook. My first attempt on digiscrapping. It was a bit draining. I really didn't know where to start. I got tired figuring out the how to's. But its all done now.
I had some glitches. I didn't know that I left 2-3 empty pages (lol) So consider the first as a trial photobook.

Big Thanks to Jes for the referral, help and for sharing a big discount! Hugs!

Hearty Thursday

21 May 2009

Aside from being blessed with my son graduating from summer school today. On our way home, he (my son) pointed me this wonder up in the sky.
It was magnificent. My first time to see an unusual cloud formation. These things are real. You know those movies when kids sometimes see a rabbit or a tree in the sky.

We were drawn in aweness today by a heart. After taking the picture, we made a turn, then it vanished.

While He Paints...

20 May 2009

I Color.
I love coloring. I buy those jumbo coloring books and before blogging was invented, I would spend my past time coloring. Sometimes with my mom, when I was still single.
And now that my little one is enjoying what colors can do. I join him with my coloring book while he paints. He has his own crayons and paint set and I have mine.
Too bad there's no picture of me while at it. Most of the time, it's just me and my son while my husband is at work. Clearly, nobody else was around to take our picture together. Let's keep it as a private affair. :D
Coloring by age? it is definitely for everybody. It's different. Everytime I color, it makes me reminisce on my childhood. Those art classes I attended in elementary, my mom teaching me coloring techniques.
It brought a lovely feeling and some sweet thoughts. Felt I was 20 years younger.

I Have A Life---edited

19 May 2009

I saw a friend a few weeks ago. Of course that person mentioned how entertaining my site is. I was expecting a good conversation with that person since we didn't see each other for the longest. I got disappointed with the joke that person told me.

This is the second incident that somebody tried to interfere or let's say disturb the things I do. For this matter, if you don't like what I am doing, then don't read my blogs. Who asked you anyway.
It's the manner how the joke was said. This, I'll take it as a warning (for me). Meaning I am not very fond of somebody joking with what is basically keeping me happy and light. So I'll try avoiding these kind of situations. To be fair with the other party too. If I offended anybody, I'm so sorry but this is how it goes. I am taking blogging literally as an online diary/journal.

I never question or joke around somebody else's interest. I greatly respect anything good that makes a person happy and fulfilled.
On the question on why it seems like I'm in front of the computer all the time...

It's Time Management. That's how I run my life and my family's. Hey, I'm a housefwife. What do you expect me to do on my "free time".
I'll be honest. There were times when I wasn't able to get things done the right way. Personal things. But eventually, I was able to set them according to what was needed to be prioritized. From being A Mother, A Wife and A Parent, not to forget as A Housekeeper. My world goes around within these 4 roles. Self will just pop-up when I think it is essential.
And this is the beauty of blogging. Right here at this very entry. I am sharing my thoughts, my emotions, my life. And it doesn't have to be specific. A simple human being will truly understand what I mean.
It doesn't have to take a person to become a blogger to appreciate the existence of having an online journal.

Time To Make That Change

18 May 2009

Simple. I'm bored with the old look of my blog. I'm more fond of some basics, like Black, white, red. From the very beginning I wanted these colors already. But I thought it might not go well with my title as "Sweet Nothings" it may be too strong for it.
My original plan today was to create a photo blog. With my schedule getting tighter (and my son attending school), it is going to be impossible for me to maintain it. So I decided to pour that urge (for something new) to this site once more.
I am a woman with a very strong disposition (not personality). Anything that will make me happy and comfortable, I go for it. Change has always been a healthy thing. It encourages me to be creative.

I decided to go with who I really am. First, I love experimenting. Even with my other sites. Change is never new. I enjoy tweaking, adding and removing widgets, discovering and learning new tricks. It is fun!
And since this is a family and a wholesome blog site...my chosen title will be best supported by my entries.. Not the colors or the look.
And with this constant change, I am very aware that my PR will go down all the way this time. (Weather- weather na lang lol/ In Time). I'm so happy that with my current PR, I'm still getting ads. And I am still looking. I'd be a hypocrite if I say I'm not.

For the past weeks, I have also been reading some blogs wishing for a make-over. If not, at least for a little change. Those posts inspired me to change my template again :D
Go ahead guys, tweak with your sites, set free the person in you. It will even add inspiration to your blogging.

Weekend Snapshot---Nano

Saturday night: we had dinner at my parents house. I cooked Prawns with Mushrooms and Rosemary.

We had a good talk over dinner. Part of that, we made jokes of whoever was not around. (That is my Dad and my sister Ella).

Then, my brother (Nano) asked me to take his picture. He loves motor bikes. He actually own one. As a hobby, he pimped his own bike, he loves watching motor bike races on TV and collects pictures from various readings. This is also my very first photo of him. Nothing great, nothing unusual. Just a mere photo. I will invite him soon to make his own portfolio. So far, I only have pictures of my sisters. None from my brothers. I love to have a collection of them too.

Sunday: After hearing mass, we went to the Mall of Asia to kill time and to have a relaxing stroll. One of the things I enjoy with my husband everytime we go out, is to have a pressure-free malling. Breaking from the thought that shopping and malling should go together--- To malling and relaxing also goes well. I didn't take pictures. I mean, I considered it (not taking pics) to be part of our relaxation.
We were hoping to watch Star Trek on IMAX, but the timing wasn't for us. Maybe next time. To end, we had a full dinner in Teriyaki Boy.
What kept you over the weekend? Share it with us, over at http://weekendsnapshot.com/

Blog Prayer Brigade for the 2010 Presidential Election

15 May 2009

With the 2010 Philippine Election getting nearer,
Dear Lord, We humbly ask for guidance and wisdom in choosing the right leaders who will lead us to a brighter, clean, and productive future. We solemnly pray for peace on election day and enlightenment for our citizens.
This We ask through Your Precious Son Jesus. Amen.
I, Enchie C. support the cause of the Blog Prayer Brigade for the election of the Future President of the Republic of the Philippines and I do solemnly promise to recite the prayer, which I wrote, in my own convenient time and regularly as possible until the 2010 Presidential Election commences. Let it be written, let it be done.
As a responsible citizen and a voter, I will not only tag 7 people. I shall give all my fellow Filipino bloggers in my bloglist the chance to join me in this Prayer Brigade for the 2010 Presidential Election.
Change Will Start With YOU!

Mommy Moments---Silly Moments!

14 May 2009

mommy moments

Well it depends on how you define silly. I find it as something funny and unusual.
Like for these photos:
My son proved that he loves the feeling of being cold. This was on a very hot day. He removed his shirt and went straight to the ice bucket. Caught him munching on some ice chips.

This one was at my Aunt's house in Laguna. It poured over our parade. And what do you know, we got umbrellas in case we get wet.

He just loves to stick out his tongue when he was younger.

Spongebob what?! can you see the spoon he's holding. After taking a bath, it's eating time. And he can't wait.
This last photo. I almost got naked. He was forcing his index finger inside my nose. Gosh all the things I did to defend myself.

Now that was fun!
Join Us!
Share you silliest moments with your child at Mommy Moments

A Whole New Level

12 May 2009

Tomorrow, my son, my only child, will officially start his first day in school. We got pretty late enrolling him for summer school. He got sick for the past month and the holidays and vacation days became hindrance too. I was finally able to enroll him late this afternoon. Hopefully, we will be able to enroll him for this school year by the end of the month also.
I am very excited! The school is airconditioned and safe. It is located near our condo. The teachers are very nice.
I even bought a new sling bag for myself to be able to move freely, to and from the school.
I am confident that my son will not have a hard time mingling with other kids. Suddenly, something flashed in front of me. It's time to aim higher. It's a whole new level. A new beginning. A different path in life. A very important priority. Education.
My husband and I have high hopes when it comes to our child's education. And we're both conditioned to work for it. Not to forget, we're also as flexible to whatever we can give.
I know that we will eventually come to this point in our life. And how time flies so fast. For a minute, my arms were wrapped around my baby boy. Now, its longing for him, running after him.
I will take this as a good opportunity for me too. It is a chance to move further. To grow and learn as part of Motherhood and as a Parent.

Weekend Snapshot--- What You Deserve On Mother's Day

11 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day to all WS Moms! My Mother's day celebration turned out to be one of the simplest celebration in 5 years.
I had a really bad Migraine Friday, the plan to go out of town was moved.
A separate post for my Mother's Celebration will be up soon. For now, here are the things my family gave me on Mother's Day.

According to Mommy Peh of Make or Break, All Flip-flops (Havaianas store) is having a Special sale for Mother's Day! For every 2 you get a 15% discount. Clearly, the Red Top issue is now over. I was able to purchase one and in my size! By the way, I totally think it was meant for me, because there were 2 pairs left. And they were hidden at the back of another color. My husband also purchased an additional 320 HD. He saw that Sims3 (watch out for the systems requirements) is coming out June 2. So he wants to prepare for it so I can play. Its also for my photos.

I received a long stem rose over dinner. We ate in a Thai Restaurant. The food was perfect. Restaurant thoughts on my food blog soon :D It was one of my memorable celebrations. It wasn't as grand but being with my family made it extra special. I used to celebrate together with my mom. I decided to have my own, and saved a date with mom this week. But no worries, I gave my Mother a call early in the morning, greeted her a Happy Mother's Day!!!
I would like to thank my friends and family who texted and left me message on Mother's Day... This year consist of a new set of memories to be cherished. Hugs!

Weekend Snapshot

A Mother's Day Special

08 May 2009

Mother's Day is one of my most awaited celebration every year. It feels so good to finally be part of this event. It is important to pay tribute to our moms who brought us to humanity and to where we are right now. My motherly life was inspired by my own Mother. Her life was very colorful with both sad and happy times. And I was able to witness most of her hardships. I will honor my Mother, her works, her values and the lessons she brought about for us (her children)to learn.

Now as I celebrate my 5th as a Mother. I thank my Mommy for being there for me all the time. For the nurturing and nourishment, for the extra love she always give. For being patient with me, for teaching me the simplicity of life. The guidance and giving inspiration in choosing my husband to be, and for being a sweet grandmother to my son...
With this, I would also like to greet my Mother-in-law a very special Mother's Day with warm hugs! Thank you for accepting me as your daughter, for the guidance, love and appreciation. Your son is in good hands. He is well taken cared of...

2 Mothers in my life

Last time I was with my Mother-in-law was in 2008.
To my Sister-in-law...well, you got home just in time for Mother's Day. Hope you enjoyed your business trip. Thank you for being a wondeful mom to our niece and nephew. Of course, a loving wife to my brother.
Lastly, to my Mommy Friends online. Thank you for the sweet inspirations, your stories in life. Thank you for opening more of realistic side on being a Mother.I greatly appreciate all the time you give visiting my site...

Glitter Graphics

Being a Mother or having a child is indeed a matter of choice. But if your heart desires to add some inspiration in your life and to marriage. You will not even think of Choosing or making a choice, as an option. Just do it and be happy. The happiness a child can bring, is out of this world. Being a Mother is the most rewarding in a woman's life.

Mommy Moments---Happy Mom!

mommy moments

Who wouldn't want to smile and laugh? Especially with our little ones. I am very happy to share some of my exclusive Happy Mommy Moments with my son. I am a happy mom. My son loves to hang out, particularly outdoors--- a lot. As much as possible, we take him out. It makes him happy to run around, and it makes us more happy just seeing him smile.

This was taken at the Tagaytay Picnic Grove. We went there to fly some kites. During this moment we were both watching some kids fly their kites so high.

In a restaurant. We love joking around while my husband takes pictures of us.

In an affair. He got pretty shy here. There were people passing us while having our picture taken.
And of course he has to learn to do the famous peace sign.
These are just some. Every day, every minute, every second is always a Happy moment for me...Even when tantrums attack (lol)
"My dreams all came true, with this one little heart beat"
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For the Love Of Games, Pictures and Sites

06 May 2009

I have been spending less and less time blogging. The breakdown of our desktop last week kinda triggered everything. Plus, my camera was with my Dad, so there's less inspiration. And it was not very easy to let go. To a point, that I had to ask for it- from him again. Hehehe! its a good thing that he is my Dad. Just imagine the disappointment that I'll be getting if I gave it to another person. Stupid! Well, my Dad told me that he knows, sooner or later I'll ask for it again.
Consider that settled. I'll take pictures again soon.

Now, I'm so occupied playing Burger Rush, Diner Dash, and Burger Shop. All these games are just so fun to play with. It will also make you drool. While my son's taking a nap, instead of blogging and making my usual drops ,I play.

These games are available from Yahoo Games. There's a trial for 1hr. and you can purchase the full version for $7. They look cute and easy. But I tell you, they are very challenging, especially when meeting the game's goals- objectives.

Another thing that kept me was my other site in Multiply. I just recently upgraded it. Since that's where I post my albums and personal stuff, and I survived a year with it. It was my gift for the site, turning it to Multiply Premium.

With that, I also made changes with the look and updated its content. That site of mine are exclusively for friends, online buddies and family only. I try to protect some images and stories. Multiply is a different world from Blogger. If you happen to have an account, let me know so can I visit you there too.