Weekend Snapshot--- Clinique For Him and Me

19 April 2009

Nothing unusual happened this weekend. We stayed at home. My son got sick. Too much Ice Cream :( The only time we went out was last night. So I decided to post an early WS entry. We will stay at home again today.

We met up with a relative from America. She's only staying for 2 weeks , so we really made sure to see her. Everytime a family from the States would visit, we'd get really excited.

It's something special for us. Since we're the only ones (from my husband's side) who lives here in the Philippines.

We wanted to take Tita Joy around. But she's here for business, and her stay is going to be short. We'll look forward for her next visit. Maybe with the rest of the family :D

My in-laws sent us a package thru our Tita who came home. Thank you!Thank you!

Here are some of their gifts for us.

Talk about good timing. Because I had plans to get myself a set of powder, blush and perfume on the next pay day. Same with my husband (new cologne for him).
As if they read our minds.

A blended face powder and blush for me
Happy Heart for me and Happy For Men for him
And along the way, from the house, I can't take my eyes and hands off the PSP. Loco Roco is just so cute. Thanks to Chito!

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Willa said...

good for you! getting a pasalubong always warmth our heart,:)I hope your son is feeling better now.
I don't know about PSP, Patrick got frustrated whenever i asked him to teach me how to play. :)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow pasalubong ^_^ tamang tama ang timing sis..di na kailangan bumili...at ang brand maganda syempre...i love pasalubong din sister ^_^. pasalubong ha pag bumisita ka dito hehehe! just kidding.

sana makarecover na ang anak mo soon.

take care and God bless you and your family.

Jona said...

where's mine enchie? hehe!
happy for you.

Enchie said...

Thanks guys! Tamang-tama greeting mo Jona! Happy!

Yen said...

Oh pasalubong! Sarap pag ganyan! Nice loots you got there:)

Ebie said...

First, I hope your son gets better, second, nice set of pasalubong, and third, I hope your family gets to be reunited with them here. Have a nice week!

JoyD said...

Yeah!!!!!!!! its always FUN to receive nice stuff!!!!! Have a lovely week Mommy Enchie,, mine is here http://whenmomtalks.com/2009/04/weekend-for-kids.html