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02 April 2009

Hey guys! I'm terribly sorry for not leaving any messages everytime I make drops on your sites. Let me explain why...
It has been a very busy week for me, trying to enroll my son for summer school before the Lenten week starts. Sad to say, after all the rushing, I was told that the next batch of slots are going to be available by May.
At the same time, I left my food blog From My Kitchen and Beyond hanging. People, seemed to notice that I don't update it that much. I got lesser viewers. So, yesterday and today, I concentrated on it. And for the first 2 months, it got PR1. Check out the new look and feel of my food blog Here.

Sweet Nothings? NOTHING!(lol) I mean ZERO (0), Bokya in Tagalog.

Its okay with me if my main site got 0. The important thing is, I'm still able to express myself and share the activities that makes up my day. Without the pressure of being attached to something. Again I'm thankful, my sites are being updated based on the time when I want to.

Also, I was pouring time fixing my Photobucket and Flickr accounts. Finally I was able to register both my sites so I can upload pictures straight from my Flickr. Before I was in question, on how some bloggers can make posts with large pics on display. I tried Photobucket, it worked. But, the picture doesn't show sometimes.

Check My Flickr Photostream. I still have a bunch of new pictures to upload. All photos you'll see are taken from my good 'ol digital camera (Canon Ixus 70.) I'm still in the process of choosing snapshots from my Canon 1000D.

Then, I was also removing unnecessary entries from My Multiply site. Most of them I found useless. There you go. And I forgot to mention, in- between, I was also doing some major cleaning. I don't want a cluttered home over the long vacation set for next week. Mommy Moments up next!
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Beth said...

Hi Enchie,
I read your comments on other bloggers' sites regarding your PR. I really think babalik yan, and same pa din pag bumalik, PR3 pa din.
Just wait lang. Ska para na din, mejo ma-console ka (as if naman you need it :) ), wla masyado magandang opps sa mga Paid Review Sites ngayon ska they're into maintenance lately e. Don't worry, enjoy the more important things in life muna. :) Beauty rest muna kasi pag dumating yan, nku puyat ka na naman uli. :)

pehpot said...

at zero pa din eh wala naman na paid badges on your site? remember you post about sa plate number? ung sa buy blog reviews? anjan pa ba? try mo tangalin baka sakali

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Jona said...

it's tiring to do lots of tasks noh, esp. the cleaning part. but it's a different feeling when you accomplish those things. :D congrats!

kittykat said...

Hi Mommy Enchie..I have actually decided to get the canon the same to what you have..thanks by the way for the input..it helped me in deciding..