Weekend Snapshot---Fruits In Season and Starbucks?

06 April 2009

This was our center piece over dinner.

Well, we used the Starbucks cup washed it, and filled it with ice cold coca-cola. Starbucks? definitely the cup, but not the content :D

starbucks?, originally uploaded by Momachie.

Our weekend was more relaxing compared to last week's. We stayed at home Friday and Saturday. Had some midnight snacks from McDonalds, and it was also movie night. Sunday, we went to church in celebration of Palm Sunday , attended the birthday party of my niece. We spent the evening playing cards and singing our hearts out, with the magic sing.

Most of all, the whole family, including our parents and siblings, had a chance to bond and talk again about stuff or things that's been keeping each busy. It was nice to just sit down and talk.

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Willa said...

yummy tropical fruits!
the Starbucks idea is very clever and creative. I remember before, I have a newphew, ayaw nya iinom ng coke kapag hindi sa cup ng Jollibee, :),later on I realized, fountain soda is not as sweet katulad ng mga nasa bottle or can.

Carver said...

That sounds like a fun family weekend.

Hazel said...

Great weekend you have there. I miss those fruits, specially the bananas as Thailand does not have that variety.

jennyL said...

weekends are always fun di ba...lalo't sama sama minsan riot.. Nice photos .

Have a great day!
My entries:

Ebie said...

What a nice family time together.

Lynn said...

Agree, a weekend spent with the family talking about random things is a weekend well spent.

SASSY MOM said...

looks like your family enjoyed the weekend! Have a blessed week!

EastCoastLife said...

I love mangoes from the Philippines! They are so sweet!

Arlene said...

Hmm yummy fruits and that tea drink would be lovely for a hot afternoon like we often have down here in the south.

May you have a blessful week ahead!

Dora said...

Pardon me...What are those green ones?

Yen said...

Looks like a great family weekend. And like your Spongebob shirt:)

Have a blessed Lenten season:)

JoyD said...

Awww... Family TIME!!!!!!! I miss that family bonding... What a great time to be with the family ... Have a good week Mom Enchie,,, Iposted mine late http://whenmomtalks.com/2009/04/weekend-drive.html

Enchie said...

Thanks Guys! Have a Great week! and Btw, dora,the green one are Papayas.

liza said...

Just looking at the photos, I thought SB is serving cola na, hehe. It was only when I read your caption that I knew hindi pala. I sometimes do that too. :)

Thank you for your prayers Enchie. We badly need it right now. Her condition is still the same, we're just waiting for her to go, para hindi na maghirap pa.

Have a blessed Holy Week.

stan said...

way to go with your recycling efforts with the Starbucks cup. Just don't let them know u've filled it w coke! lol.

pehpot said...

una kong napansin si sponge bob.. love it.. i bet it's an oversize kid's shirt LOL

the papaya looks tempting ah

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