Awards For The Week!

29 April 2009

More awards, more friends and companions in the blogosphere!
Hugs to Beng for the Thank You For Your Friendship Award.
To these ladies Beng, Mommy Jac, Chris, Jes for the Friendship and Best Blogger Award. More hugs plus kisses!
Lastly to Jean, thank you for this award. It was nice of you to include me.

To receive this award your blog must be exceptional in design and content; presenting us with new knowledge, a sense of style, or at times just giving us a smile!

Each recipient of the award will acknowledge the person who honored them with the award and then go to Over The Top Aprons, copy/paste the award : Your Blog is Over The Top. (located on the right sidebar, scroll down)

I will pass this Over The Top Award to: Beng, Mommy Jac, Jes, Umma, Beth, Abie, Mom of Evan, Mom of Azumi, Meryl, Joy and Willa!


liza said...

Congrats on all your awards! :)

pehpot said...

congrats on your awards!

Twinkie said...

Wow! Ang dami!!! That goes to show how much loved you are.

Huhuhu! Kaya lang may inisnab mo na 'to:


Jes said...

whoa...daming award ehehehe =) sa;amat po!

nurseabie said...

Thank you sa award...Fabulous tlaga ang blog mo..

Evan's Mom said...

Oh you saw my post before I inform you and I think you did notified me about this the other day. Thanks again btw :)

Anzu's Mum said...

Thanks Mommy ENchie =) love it... and i really appreciate it **hugs