Are You An Xtraordinarymom?

30 April 2009

A new Meme for mother's day has just started. I have been contemplating on how I will go about the badge for this. My thanks to for the cute graphics used.

What makes you Xtraordinary Mommy?! Share it with us. It may be the biggest, it may also be the smallest way that you could have ever done. All moms are Xtraordinary on their on special way.

The rules are simple:
I am an xtraordinarymom!

1.Grab the badge ( on my sidebar)
2.Share your story as an Xtraordinary Mom!
It may be through pictures, videos, poems, letters. Anything that your heart desires.
3.Let other moms know where they can grab the badge

"It greatly describes the extra hard work that we moms provide our family. Especially to our children. Each of us are gifted with our own unique ways. That's why our family also gives us that extra tender love & care".

*Let me know by leaving me a message in this post or in my Cbox. I'll visit back to your site :D

As you can see I named this Meme after my site's URL. My Url was inspired by a book called Extraordinary Togetherness. It stated extraordinary ways to make marriage work leaning away from the usual, that will help the relationship flourish. So I thought, Mothers also have their extraordinary ways that makes each different from the other.

I always give my son hugs and kisses. I know that my touch will make him feel more secure and confident.

On Mothers Day, pay your most humble tribute to Mother!

Mothers are everything for us when we are small...our lives revolve around her. For everything that we need we call mother. To protect us from all perceivable dangers we want her around us. To take us out we hold her arms. To kiss away our wounds we run to her. And for a warm hug and love we look for her. She is the focal point of our lives, the greatest human being in the world or should we say divinity on earth. On the special occasion of Mothers Day pay tribute to your mother - the greatest blessing of God on you.

On Mothers Day Thank your Mother
There is simply no way we can ever really thank mother for all she has done for us.

On Mothers Day Apologise to your Mother
Mothers are the one on whom we put all the blame for our failures. We would not hesitate once to point her single faux pas though she would not miss even a slightest opportunity to praise us.

Celebrate Mothers Day with your Dear Mother
Mothers Day is the perfect day to celebrate the joys of having a mother. It is the time to make amends for not being able to spend quality time with her.

Advance Happy Mother's Day to all Moms!!!


kikamz said...

oh this is nice ench! i will let u know when im done with my post. hugs!

Beth said...

yes, this is nice Enchie, reading this made me realize again that I love my Mom, as if I dont! :)

Thanks for this! Will do this on Sunday Mother's Day ha? :)

Take care!

☆Willa☆ said...

this is so sweet Enchie! I will save this for mother's day!i just want to add, on Mother's Day, we have to thank our husband and kids as well. because of them we became a Mother. ;)

☆Willa☆ said...

well..what do I know, I got very excited and I'm not gonna wait anymore, I did it!
Xtraordinary Mom

mommy jac said...

wow Enchie, I will do this meme asap.BRB after I post it...

Have a great day sis=)

mommy jac said...

Hi mommy done posting the Xtraordinary mom, here

Enchie said...

Thank you ladies for participating. Hugs!

Chris said...

i created my post... here it is at

did i do it right?

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi enchie, how are you? happy mother's day in advance at sa lahat ng mothers out there ^_^ HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Seiko said...

Hi I am new here,love to join too if you don't mind?Can I?
A perfect theme for Mothers Day!And you're absolutely right about that...Hugs & Kisses,one of the most valuable things we can do to our kids makes them make feel more secure and confident.
God Bless & Have a great weekend!

Cecile said...

enchie, this so cool! will do mine tonight...thanks for creating this meme :-)!

Jes said...

wow malapit n pla mothers day! eheheh =) il grab this one =) and congrats sa first tag mo wait, first nga ba? hmm well congrats pa rin =) and advance happy mothers day!

Twinkie said...

Enchie, this tag made me think about me and my mother over the weekend. As in! So big thanks for coming up with this. I'll do it on Mother's day too.

Nakakatawa kasi nung March 22 ang Mother's day dito pero di ko masyado feel. Pauso naman kasi sila at dito lang ata March cinecelebrate ang Mother's day.

kikamz said...

hi ench! made my post na. here's the link: God bless!

Seiko said...

Hello Enchie I'm done posting w/ the Xtraordinary.Sorry for the late posting tinapat ko kasi ng Mothers Day eh .grin!& here's mine...
Really thank you so much for sharing this to us.Happy mothers Day!hugs!