6 Unimportant Things That Makes Me Happy

20 April 2009

I'm glad that Meryl open this for everyone to grab. When I saw the title of the post... I thought, now this is something different. We often relate ourselves to the "most important" aspects in our lives.

Now, let me share the 6 unimportant things that makes me happy.

1. I only have 5 pairs of earrings. I'm not really into jewelries. I'm happy with Pearls. They look so elegant, and it is always best worn for all ocassions.
2. This Aviators. I bought it from a local department store. Man, talk about style without considering the label. The moment I saw this sunglasses, I immediately tried it on. It was perfect! It's been protecting my eyes since then. By the way, it has UV protection too. And don't mind the box, I only used it so it will look nicer (lol)
3. Our collection of DVDs. From old flicks to new. Anything of our interest, a copy is a must. I love watching my favorites over and over again.
4. Audio Cds. I'm still an avid fan of original audio cds even if downloading is just a click away.
5. Scented candle and a nice body wash are perfect before having a good night sleep.
6. And most of the time, my Archie Comics keeps me company before closing my eyes. (That is, when all is sleeping soundly)
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Twinkie said...

Enchie, love love your earrings! I am into pearls too. :)

Btw, I got somehting for you here: http://twinkiegolosino.blogspot.com/2009/04/honest.html

Have a nice day!

Beng said...

uyy..ako din mahilig sa archie comics!!! madami dami din collections ko before...pag me exchange gift yan ang request ko (",)

fedhz said...

up for grabs? hehe, sure.. kaso wala rito ung mga gamit ko. nasa bahay ng tatay ko. naku, marami dun sa jungle (kwarto) ko. hehe

dati rin mahilig ako sa dangling earrings at pearls, pero now, ung bilog na lang, or ung silver slippers na bigay sa kin ng friend ko na tig PHP 50.

hehe, laki ng glasses, magmukha akong bubuyog. pero ok yan UV protected, divah?

hay, uu kahit ilang beses panoorin ang mga fave movies. kuya ko rin mahilig bumili ng mga orig DVDs on sale, ung tig PHP100 nalang. hehe

korek, si boyfriend kahit mahilig mag download, pag trip nya ung album, buy tlaga sya. ako never bumili. kuripot ahahay

sarap naman ng scented candles at Dove wash.. hmm...

fave ko rin Archie's Digest! waaah! pag sawa ka na, peram ako, hehe. ung mga ganyan ko nasa... nasan na nga ba? huhu...