Toy Hunt---Meet Teddy

07 February 2009

For Saturday Toy Hunt---Teddy Bear Entry

I was suppose to include some Berenstain Bears books, but I got everything mixed up. I couldn't find any of the books. It my favorite next to Dr. Seuss.

I gave some of my son's old toys and readings to charity. That's why I wasn't able to join Toy Hunt last week. Anyway, when I was a child, I enjoyed reading Berenstain Books . Now, I read it to my son. And this Teddy Bear stuff toy is as old as my son. My sister-in-law gave it to me with a silver necklace and a pendant with my initial when I gave birth in 2004. It's from RUSS, usually sold at any Gift Gate store.

Let me also mention that I was also going to include a Care Bear. Bed Time Bear. But it's in the car. It's going to be a long walk getting it. (he!he!he!)

Join Us!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Chris said...

aww... who wouldn't like bears? :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Enchie, Reminds me of Elvis Presley's song, "Teddy Bear".
Yes, guess all kids love Teddy bears when young.
Even big girls too, ha ha.

One time I gave a lady friend a big Teddy bear for her birthday....everyone else giving flowers and chocolates etc...mine a big Teddy bear.

And? She put it beside her pillow at nights. Ha ha.

You have a nice Sundat Enchie, best regards, Lee.

Shebadoo said...

Love the colors of that bear! The Berenstains were also my fave growing up.

Mine is up.


joyd said...

Oh yeah the from Russ.... they have nice teddy bears .... Juts wodnrin how big is this bear??? and same age as your boy... a precious teddy bear..

Joyoz said...

What a precious Teddy. Same age as your son? Maybe you're the first one hugging and cuddling that teddy before your son appreciated it? Check mine. Have a blessed Sunday.

shydub said...

my baby is my grizzly bear now lol.hope you had a nice weekend!

got awards for you here grab it

Jes said...

hi ench tnx for droping by....nice teddy, tinamad k n nmn kunin ang iba ahahah =) nweis is this an opp? hehehe mey linked kasi....aahahah =) nweis tnx again! have a nice productive day!!!!

pehpot said...

I love stuff animals from Russ.. so huggable no..

My teddy is here :)

Make or Break

Twinkie said...

Haha! Naisip ko tuloy na ang dami ko rin "bear" na hindi naisali. Kawawa naman sila. I'm sure there's always a next time.

That bear looks so huggable. :0

We love watching Barenstein Bears and we are huge fans of Dr. Seuss too. As in pati kami ng asawa ko. Hehe!