To My Disappointment

19 February 2009

Before I start, I gotta admit something: I am super late for the renewal of my Driver's License. My bad, it's my fault and it will never happen again. But I have my reasons.
I just had the most unpleasant experience last Tuesday. In relation with this fault, when I was about to renew my Driver's License, I found out that a TIN # is already required. I was 80% done, all I have to do is to wait for the cashier to call my name. But I went home unproductive, sticky and all dirt-up waiting for nothing at an LTO office nearby.
So I went to my hometown last Tuesday, hoping that it will be a lot easier to get a TIN from there. To my surprise the requirements for the 9 digits LTO was looking for, was like preparing for a new passport and a new Driver's License combined. They say if its for LTO purposes (pertaining to the TIN#) it is going to be easy.
What!!! It was really very, very, very disappointing and draining. I was so tired of commuting and I had no choice but to go early in the morning and in the afternoon, when the sun is all up.
Here's what I gotta say. I can truly see your purpose for this new system. For security and for public safety. May I suggest that you put a bracket. Meaning, "salain niyo ng maayos" do it by category. Private or Public use.
With this experience, my eyes was finally opened to the reality of the "under the table" or the "palakasan/may kakilala" scheme ( iwon't name a particular gov't office). I went in line like the rest did, we waited for hours. Some didn't even eat just to stay in line. Then we see people going in and out of some offices, smiling with their papers.
No wonder we're (this country) still small, no wonder why most of the common are not working hard enough. These schemes are making them uncapable. They rely on it so much, that even in reality, they still look for it to feed them and to survive.
BTW, here are the requirements for a TIN# (LTO)
-marriage certificate/birthcertificate
-notarized affidavit that you do not own a public utility vehicle
-barangay clearance where you are presently residing (cedula included)
-2 copies of the BIR application form
-LTO application form
The TIN# requirement applies for both Non-pro and Professional Driver's License holders. It is an essential upon application for a driver's license and renewal.
In my case, since I haven't done any work of any kind, I have been a full time housewife. When I applied sometime early last year for a TIN#, they didn't grant me one because I am not employed. Now, I have to go through all these just to renew my Driver's license. Hmpf!


Jona said...

hi Ench! same thing with us! last week hubby applied for his student permit and he brought his birth cert. as what was advised from someone. good thing, medyo malapit lang yung LTO from our place so binalikan nya si TIN. we got his student permit that day after bein soaked up with sweat. ewan ko lang pano pag driver's license na...dami kasi don nakachika ko pabalik balik sila for the seminar sked. hirap noh!

Mayet said...

it's a sad reality! hopefully higher authorities can do something about this-- when?--that's another question.

kikamz said...

red tape is indeed prevalent in the philippines, no doubt about that. there is a stark difference between processing of docs here and there. it's sad and it's not a wonder why the Philippines is still in it's present state.

Babette @ Lifetime Mom said...

Wow that's a lot of requirements just for renewal of your DL. They should have that only if it's your first time to get one. What you said is prevalent in the Philippines, it's so sad. :o(