Saving The Best For Last On V-Day

13 February 2009

As promised, i saved the best for last...Thank you Jes, Chris and Kikamz for these awards. Just in time for V-day!

The Loyal Commenter Award was given by Jes & Chris who are also one of my loyal commenters. I make it a point, as much as possible, to leave my contacts, messages that will make their day. I feel incomplete if I don't leave anybody anything. It's already in my system... :D I want to give this LOYAL COMMENTER AWARD to UMMA. She never miss! Even if sick, she never fails to leave everybody the sweetest messages ever.

The rules for the One Lovely Blog Award:
1. Nominate another 10 bloggers that you really love to visit their blog.
2. Put the logo in your blog and link to the person who gave you the award.
Thank You again Kikamz for this wonderful and it is indeed a lovely award.
10 bloggers I nominate:


Elizabeth said...

thanks for this tag, how sweet of you to always include me in your list!

Evan's Mom said...

Thanks for the award. Will follow up about it. Enjoy your Valentine weekend :)

Umma said...

Happy Valentine's Day Mommy Ench!! Im sure you will enjoy the heart's day with your hubby today. Ours will be tomorrow so we still hv to enjoy the TGIF here.hahaha

And oh, Im so honored that you especially mentioned my name as the loyal Commenter award.. I was touched by your gesture my dear.
will surely post this tag for you.

I wasnt able to follow up your tea thing bec I was knocked down by PMS for last 2 days huhuhu.. I had a splitting headache and body sores... But I feel ok now after all the pain killers being gulped down.

Thanks for sharing the tea to us, I will surely find that brand here bec you said it came from NY.. wAAAH.. I need to lose weight too... glad to hear you did,, keep it up Mommy Ench.

SASSY MOM said...

Thanks for the nomination..

Have a Blessed Sunday!