Room For Improvement

03 February 2009

I am in the process of cleaning out my list of contacts and stuff. Since I am now into blog advertising, (which made my site less personal) I decided to remove things that are not necessary to improve it more. My purpose---to still maintain it as a personal destination for my thoughts and feelings.
I started by deleting some people from my friends list in my Friendster account and My Multiply. Anyway, those sites were made to keep in touch with some old chums and acquiantances. I think it wouldn't hurt if I remove peeps that I don't personally know. Next in line is my Blogger site "Sweet Nothings". And no, I will not remove anybody from my Roll of Bloggers, but I will in my Captures Your Interests list.
Part of the improvement process is featuring 5 buttons from different sites, which is going to be up for 3 days or 1 week (I'm still figuring out). It is going to be located at the center part of my side bar. These buttons are going to be recycled. You will not only be featured once, but several times. So watch out! I'll be grabbing your badges soon :) What made me do this? well, as I widened my options on blog hopping, I found more interesting, fun and lovely sites to visit. I felt that it would be ashame to limit the sites I like to feature... Everybody has a lot of wonderful things to share...By the way, Meme badges will remain permanent.
Have a lovely Day!


pehpot said...

I know how it feels.. so many coll mommy blogs and so little online time..

pehpot said...

I mean COOL. my Chico is typing with me :)

J@n!ce said...

Great idea to share wonderful blogs with us. Cant wait to see your row of blog badges :)