Proposed To Marry Tag

20 February 2009

Thank You MARIA for this wonderful tag.

I made this entry sometime in June 2008, for our wedding anniversary. I had to repost it for the Proposed to Marry tag by Maria. I like sharing my/our love story. My love- life had been a roller coaster. It was one hell of a ride indeed. But eventually, I was blessed with a man who accepted and loved me for who I am.

Our relationship was very enjoyable and still is. Looking back from the very beginning, I am completely amazed by the fact that I was able to handle a good relationship. My last experience before my husband was very traumatic. I was left in the middle of nowhere by this guy. I find it immature for him not to tell me personally that he doesn't feel me anymore. From there, I told myself that I'll make sure that I will not get into another relationship unless the person will accept me for who I am.
It really didn't bother me if I'll remain single forever. Until I met Him. It wasn't love at first sight. It took us 6 months just to get to know each other. During that time all we did was to go on a date, and finally made it formal September of 2000. The dating really helped. From a complete stranger to my best bud---lover, I knew he was 'The One'. On our first date, he asked me to watch his show in Aposento, Intramuros. He announced to the whole bar that he is dedicating the song Say You Love Me to me. He is a guitarist by the way. Sweet!sweet!sweet! Before taking me home, he invited me for some ice cream. Our first movie was X-men. Our first formal dinner date was at Bellini's, an Old Italian Restaurant in Cubao. I never thought that Cubao have great restaurants. He also taught me how to play Counter Strike, and we'd always go out late at night just to play. We both wore braces, and we'd always go for eat-all-you can restaurants. Obviously, we have so much in common.
A time came when he needs to leave for the US to help his mom transfer from New Jersey to Georgia. I was really sad that I cried my heart out telling him not to go. I fear that he might not come back. Wala naman nagawa iyak ko kasi kailangan niya talagang umalis. We kept in touch via email. He would also call me a lot wishing, I was there with him so I can meet his Mom. I can also remember when the 911 attack happened, we were talking on the phone, and we were just watching FOX. We didn't celebrate our first year anniversary together. It wasn't that bad because we'd talk almost everyday. He was able to come home October 2001.

In 2002, I enrolled as 2nd courser in a Nursing School. We had our ups and definitely our downs. Back then, Dolf and I seldom see each other because of my busy schedule. From there we talked and figured what more we can do to improve ourselves to keep Us going. I never thought that with a close to perfect relationship, we will still face this kind of situation. That time, all I wanted Dolf to do is to exert more effort. Which he did and we were able to get back on track.

Both of us we're trying our best to find time for each other inspite of our busy lives. 2003 we finally promised to be "the one" for each other. We just don't want Us to let go. Our relationship became deeper that we wanted to be with each other everyday, every minute and every second. October 2003, he asked that question that indicated our Lifetime Bliss. He invited me at the UP Sunken Garden. It was very sudden. When we got there, he had a picnic set ready and wine. Thats where and when he popped the magic words for marriage. There was no ring.

It was made to be an engagement and wedding ring combined.

June 2004, we tied the knot and opened Us for a new life, a new beginning.


EastCoastLife said...

Oooo... what a good-looking couple!
My best wishes for a loving and joyous life together.

I have been married for 18 years and going on to 19 next month. :)

Jes said...

ahhh...this is so sweet my dear!!! ang saya saya mo dito =) and till now kitang kita mo na masaya at inlove n inlove k padn =) hehehe
=)ang sweet ng proposal =)

Umma said...

Oww.. super sweet naman ng love story nyo Mommy Ench.. blooming na blooming ang beauty mo sa wedding picture nyo.

Love will always work in its mysterious way, di ba? and besides, if He is the one.. siya talaga even though you will be separated by your busy schedules or by miles away.


Babette@ Lifetime Mom said...

What a nice story. I'm so happy for you to have found your true love. It really is special when you know that you're with 'The One'. :o) Kamusta ka na mommy Enchie?

Chris said...

super sweet... :)

Elizabeth said...

wow, you finally found the man for you, I really like the story Enchie. :) I'll post mine later!

Maria said...
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Maria said...

The first is not the one for you ate. Love can move mountain one of the Celine Dion song. One of the line in the song that I love "They can't stop us; Because love is on our side baby; We can reach the heavens and Touch the sky Just believe it, believe in you and I baby". I know, we as human being we have plan but God is the best planner. And the second one is He plan it for you. May God bless your relationship to be together forever.

Thanks for grabbing the tag. And I have another for you. I don't know if you already got this tag.

GAGAY said...

te ench! ang ganda mu! haha!


abie said...

Wow ang ganda naman ng lovestory nyo.So sweet! You're really meant for each other.

Jona said...

so sweet! i love hearing it when men do their effort to pursue the relationship. it makes them more of a man.
btw, i like your photo in your profile. cool, hehe!