Occupied With Serious Nothings

13 February 2009

As I have mentioned earlier this week, I have been occupied by things and appointments, that made it really tiring. Since last weekend, my mom's been wanting to sit and have a serious talk with me, regarding some food business. I thought that it was nothing important. And so, I exchanged ideas and musings with her through text. Until yesterday, she texted me that we should go and canvass the prices for the ideal products we will be using, for the food that we're going to provide. Deadline, Monday February 16. So, it is serious.
Another thing that made my week stressful was the change of schedule set until Valentines day.

As far as Tuesday, everything went according to what was scheduled. From Wed- Fri, it was chaos for me. Wednesday's activity was pushed Thursday. To fill up the stress that the change of sched caused me, I treated the family to some DVDs. Bought the set of Pirates of the Carribean (1-3), ID4, and Barney for Franky.
Today (Friday), I did the canvassing with my mom and my Driver's License. But it didn't end there. I was almost done with my license. When I went to the next window for processing, the LTO people asked me for a TIN#. I went to BIR sometime last year to get a #, but since I'm a housewife, they didn't grant me one. Now, The Land and Transportation Office is asking for it. It's a new requirement for non-professional and professional holders. This last matter really ruined my day! I have been driving for more than 10 years. I never had an experience as stressful as this.
To The LTO people: The list of requirements for getting and renewing DL you have on your wall, please remove it and change it with an updated version, including the TIN#.

And I apologize for not being able to visit your sites or drop ECs. Just in case, if you notice I'm not returning drops, it means I'm having some difficulty finding your Ec box drop. It's impossible I don't return drops.
But over-all, I take the stress as a form of preparation for something better. Hopefully, my mom and I will be able to nail our first food adventure business. We will be talking with the Cafe's owner with regards to our proposed meal plan and price, this Monday. So wish us luck!!!

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SASSY MOM said...

Good luck on that business venture and easy on the stress. Have a great weekend ahead. Happy Heart's Day!