Mommy Moments---Bonding Time!

26 February 2009

mommy moments

This is now my favorite meme. I can't wait for each week's theme. Maybe because I can't also wait to read the stories of my fellow moms, and share some good reactions and happy thoughts with them. Motherhood should be embraced and cherished. Kudos to you Chris! for making this possible in the blogosphere.
Mommy Moment theme for this week (friday) is all about our bonding time with our litte ones. I consider every minute of being withmy son as a bonding moment. Same with my husband, being together is a bonding moment for the family.

Christmas 2007

Summer 2008
January 2009 Farm in Laguna
I chose these photos because, these were the moments when he initiated to be sweet or to make 'lambing' to me. That's where all the hugs and smiles came from.
If he had his moments with his Momma. Definitely he had great ones with Poppa too.

I love taking pictures of my boys. They complete me. I know that they will always be there for me. We will always be there for each other.
And I can't wait for the next treasured bonding moment. I heard we're going out of town this weekend :D
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Tetcha said...

Wow! I'm the first one to comment here. I'm still up because I just finished uploading my entry for this week's Mommy Moments theme. Nice pictures here, Enchie! It's really great to be spending wonderful bonding moments with the ones you love.

Ida said...

hello :) i recently just joined mommy moments. i look forward to each week's theme too. i especially love going through all the old pictures and reminiscing about all those happy times.

you have a lovely family :)

leah said...

those are great bonding time pics! buti malambing ang boys mo. :)

have a great weekend!

SASSY MOM said...

Hi, enchie! I think we have the same sentiment -- I love seeing my kids with their dad naman. It's such a wonderful feeling to see them together.

Genejosh said...

nice pictures...same with me i love the bonding time my baby has with his dad...maybe I'll post this next time

the daily said...

lovely photos...

My entry for MM this week : in HERE. Hope you have time to visit . Thanks

sweetytots said...

awww. sweet.. i love the last picture.. he really looks so happy!

Please visit my entry here

Elizabeth said...

your son is a happy child Enchie.
It shows in his smiles and I can almost hear his laughter while playing with his dad.
thanks for always dropping by ench!

Jes said...

oh....this is really sweet post enchie,,,,and I love your new website!!! =) did you make it? or have someone make it for yah? how much po hehehe ty!

Ai said...

so happy family:-) i could really see the happiness with your smiles. truly just being together is a great bondint time.

sana may gathering ang mommy moments in the future.

nice pics enchie

Babette @ One at a Time said...

Same here Enchie, it's nice to visit other mommy blogs and read their entries. I'm going to be late in putting up my entry (as usual LOL). I don't have mine yet, maybe this afternoon. :o)

Lynn said...

This is my first time to join Mommy Moments and I'd say it's fun doing it. I love the third picture posted here. Cool mom.

Evan's Mom said...

You're right mommy, every minute with our kid is a bonding moment indeed. And it's sweet that you include dad's pictures too.
Enjoy your weekend vacation :)

pehpot said...

true talaga un Mommy Ench, kahit pagod na the kids still wants to play tickle.. and I have to fake laughing.. and that's the hardest part LOL

sweet naman ng bonding time nyo.. your kid is so malambing :)

Have fun on your out of town!

Make or Break

Chris said...

great bonding moments!!! true, each and every moment we spend with our little one is so precious!

im looking forward to seeing your entry next week!

by the way, where are you headed this weekend? happy weekend enchie!

Jona said...

it's cute to see bondings with the poppa.
i'm present for the mommy moments this time!

JoyD said...

Bonding ,, Its so natural with the kids,, especially you ,, you have a boy.... and he looks like he is really loving... have a good week ...

Twinkie said...

Very nice bonding pictures. Favorite ko yung Laguna pic. Hehe!

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