Lazy 'Ol Me

08 February 2009

It's just one of those days that hit me lazy hard... and had to make this post to let everybody know that I'll be on hiatus until tuesday :) My mind and body's not working together right now.

And I need to renew my Driver's License, do the grocery, study and research with my mom regarding some food business, which I need to prioritize. My weekend was also all about laziness he!he!he! I didn't feel good Saturday, no pictures for Weekend Snapshot :( Sunday was very unproductive too. I went to Greenhills hoping to buy a nice sweater and a new pair of flats. But nothing was really interesting. Instead of eating out, went home and loafed around.

It just so happen that I need to email my mother-in-law that's why I was able to check and make a few drops today. Thanks for that email, or else, I might go on break the whole week.

I promise to visit you guys soon :)

Have a blessed week!


Umma said...

hahaha.. so you've been caught by the lazy bug Mommy Ench.. I guess its normal bec it always happen to me.. I can relate to the feeling of just trying to chill and eat out and be lazy all week.. hahaha.

Dont worry.. you'll be back to your normal self again pretty soon. Just enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

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JiLL said...

hahah...reminds me of my laziness...hehe...

Jes said...

yey! nakapag visit ka na ahahah! me gnyang tme tlga noh? nakaa bugnot kumbaga ahahah ako dn ganyan minsan or madalas ahahhah =)

Jona said...

not new to me! :D you have all the time in the world....see you soon!