6 Weird Things About Me

10 February 2009

I have been tagged by Niko. I promised to post this over the weekend. But I was too occupied so it's just now I was able to. Thanks again Niko!!!

Here are 6 things I find weird about myself.

1. I love eating strawberry jam. Yeah, eating it without the bread or a cracker.

2. I have the weirdest body clock ever! I can stay up from dusk 'til dawn. I would sometimes joke around to my husband about Mr. German Moreno's late night show...Walang Tulugan!!! My body hasn't fully recovered yet. From giving birth, and being the wife of a call center manager (used to). I was also up, as if I was also managing calls. My husband is working for a day job at the moment. He didn't find it hard adjusting to the normal working time. But for me, well...I'm still at it.

3. I love watching Spongebob Squarepants more than my son does.
4. I have an insect spray at my side of the bed, (hidden somewhere) just in case I see a roach sneaking. I hate roaches!
5. I am a total fat-a__. I eat a lot. I may look fit or thin in my photos, but in person, I'm big.My husband just recently upgraded the shirts he bought me. From size 40, I'm now a 42.

6. Most of the time I use my laptop to watch a movie instead of the TV, (which is also right in front of me).

This one I will leave open for everybody! Grab it now!
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G said...

it's ok to me :)
and nothin' weird...
still human right???!?!

Jane said...

Hi sis, I have posted this tag few days ago, but add ko name mo .

""rare*jonRez"" said...

your number 2 does rings a bell to me, too! i am the opposite to my hubby who is such a sleepy head! and guess what, my daughter took her sleeping pattern from me! which is not good! hehehe!


SASSY MOM said...

You don't look fat sis! It's all in the mind, basta keri mo. And you're number 6, also goes true for me.

Elizabeth said...

Ench, your sleep pattern will surely change once Franky goes to school! Hirap yata un morning ka na sleep then pagising na siya? Sabagay, pag preschool naman, di kadalasan maaga ang pasok. bsta, try to get more sleep, it's for your health! (NAGSALITA!):)

FickleMinded said...

ditto with Spongebob! whatever I'm doing, I have to stop it when he's on and i have to watch it with my boys. :D

Umma said...

But you dont look fat Mommy Ench.. maybe its your feeling only.. Beauty pa rin hahaha.

Jona said...

i love spongebob too!
i got this tag too but haven't completed yet...hirap magisip. or tamad lang ako hehe :)