Toy Hunt---Xmas Decorations

06 December 2008

My Toy Hunt entry for the first saturday of the holiday month---Santa heads and a snowman talking sock.

These santa heads are originally for our christmas tree. But my husband found them creepy (you know as heads of santa hanging). We switch to silver & blue xmas decors fo the tree this year. The heads? I had to divide them in 2 groups and placed it on the refrigerator top and aquarium. They looked better aligned than hanging.

An old snowman sock. You press the button on the left hand, it imitates a kid laughing and talking. One of my son's favorite Christmas decors after the coca-cola bear. It's obvious, the button used to be colored, now it's all white.

What's your first Toy Hunt this holiday season?
Have a great weekend everyone!
Big Hugs!
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Marie said...

Hello Enchie,

I have these Santa heads before...

How are you? Im done wrapping the gifts earlier then sa Sunday another trip to the mall to complete the gifts for our friends and family this year. Early next week wrap na naman ako ng regalo sana matapos na to di pako nakapag send ng Christmas cards. I love to wrap it personally kesa ilagay lang sa gift bag, diba sarap ang feeling tlgang pinagtiyagaan na balutin.

hay ito na naman ako haba ng comments ko po! Sensya na...

Joy said...

Hi Enchie... Naku parang maliit angSanta sock na yan para sa gift sa anak mo...haha ha..

Good Luck on the give away ,, You're included in the list!!!!!

Jes said...

ang cute ng socks, nakkatakot nga namang i hang ang head ni santa hehehe =)
maaga ko nakapag post ngyun kasi gising ako until 2am, nag wrap ng gfts heheheh =)

Jenn said...

That stocking is so cool! Naku, for sure sa Christmas, filled with toys na yan!

I am back sa toyhunt, you can check my toy here. Happy weekends!

Chris said...

parang scary nga yung santa heads ah! :D

Enchie said...

Thanks ladies :)
Marie: It's my last batch to shop for xmas gifts today, my husband will accompany me :)

Ms. Joy: Thanks for including me. Now, that you'ved mentioned it, yeah the sock is too smal for our gift. We'll fill it up with goodies instead ;)

Jenn: thanks for the visit. I'm excited to fill up the sock with goodies first time for my son since he's old enough to appreciate surprises :)

Jes: Pareho tayo minsan I"m up til 2 or 3am just wrapping or making an advanced entry he!he!he!

Chris: he!he!he! parang ngayon ang creepy na din ng santa heads para sa kin kung naka sabit. :)

Mel Alarilla said...

Hi Enchie,
May I invite you to please join Filipinos Unite!!!. You may do so by commenting on my blog or by sending an email at stating your name, address, name of blog and its url. Thanks and God bless.

pining said...

they're cute, wonderful and very colorful!

Gin E said...

I like the santa head. They're cute! I think they'll look great hanging on the rear view mirror of a car. :)

Enchie said...

I agree with Gin :) you gave me an idea :)

Twinkie said...

Hello Enchie!!!

Cute naman ang mga Santa ha?! Bagay yan sa Christmas tree namin! (Kung ayaw na talaga ng hubby mo...) Hehe!

Kami ay nagsisimula pa lang mag-ipon ng mga palamuting pang-pasko. Nakakaliw ang theme this week pero tlagang nahirapan ako.

O siya, 'til next week ulit. Have a wonderful day! : )

People with Cameras said...

lol...they're not that creepy! I kinda like them :)

Nanaybelen said...

cute with bright colors. pang Christmas na talaga

Liza said...

hi enchie! i have a tag for you..

hope you can join ;)