Laughing Stock of The Day

16 December 2008

Tagged and Invited by Niko. I was with some of my friends in this photo. I had to crop it, they might not like the idea of me, posting it.
So here I am with my brutally murdered bangs in highschool.
A friend posted some of our old pictures on his website. This
was one of my favorites. Really funny. My first time to share one of my super personal moments here on Blogger. Thanks again Niko! This is a fun tag. Something different from the ususal Q&A.

I'll have to tag Eds, SwwetyTots, Beth, Isabelle, Jhari

*it's ok if you don't do the tag. But it's fun!!!
Big Hugs!


Michelle said...

I don't think the picture is bad. You look cute. Thanks for stopping by my place and I'm glad you like the joke. It's my favorite and it reminds me of my sister and I. We do crazy stuff like that. LOL!

niko said...

whoa!! you are sooo cute ench it wont be a laughing stock heheh! mine was really a disaster.. my officemates cant stop laughing everytime :D

and i have to say that you are the most courageous one dear!!

congrats! :)

Umma said...

Mommy Ench, was that you? flying kisses? That was a cool picture... glad to see you in ur golden ol picture hahahah