a L-A-Z-Y friday...

05 December 2008

For no reason, I feel so lazy today. My body's so sluggish, and my eyes are heavy. Well, it's kinda gloomy outside. Gloomy and cold.
My husband took over the kitchen today. It was such a blessing that he was set to report for work in the afternoon. Thank You!!! He prepared breakfast and lunch for the family, and looked after our little boy. While I, went back to bed to get more sleep. It's rare that I get this lazy virus because I do everything at home. But when it hits me, it gets me really hard. Like literally, I'll want to stay in bed the whole day. But I got over it a bit. Just the thought that my other half will leave for work eventually, and I will take over, that pushed me out of the room.
I still feel sluggish. I prepared spaghetti for dinner. And it's just 5pm. And While doing this entry, my washing machine is running, my son hasn't got up from his pm nap, there's a pasta bowl and an iced cold coke in front of me, so Ciao!
Have a blessed weekend!
Big Hugs!


liza said...

i get that too. and you have such a sweet husband, i wish my better half could cook too, kaso walang alam sa kitchen hahaha.

have a great weekend!

Umma said...

You're so lucky to have a husband like him.. he's so sweet and loving to your family.
Enjoy your weekend my dear.