The Hubby Tag---edited

16 December 2008

Thanks to Beth & Niko for opening this tag to their bloglisters.
This was set to know more about our partners...
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Shrine New, Manila QC

Can you remember the day you first met your hubby?

Saturday, at my house. He is my brother's friend, and I invited him (just to be able to meet him in person). Of all my brother's friends, he is the only one I haven't met yet that time. If I can only post some photos. 2 days after this event I lost the negatives and I couldn't find any of the pictures.

When was that? (doesn’t have to be specific)
My 21st birthday.

First impression.
Deep, Mysterious and Intelligent.

Were you attracted to him?
Yes. I was attracted. He speaks very good english. The conversation was intense and full of life. I can say, The main attraction was both physical and intellectual.

Were you friends before he became your bf?
Yes. We were friends, but not really that long. The relationship went through the usual process. Friends, dating, then making it official.

What was the sweetest thing he did for you?
Every little and big thing was the sweetest. It may look OA but, it is true, everything he had done for me is always the sweetest. "Anything to make my wife happy" are always the uttered words. On my part, I make sure that he is well pampered.

In terms of gifts. My birthday present was the best/ sweetest. He was very hesitant on getting a DSLR. And all the months, of me waiting and convincing him to buy, it was already a "YES" at the back of his mind. He was just waiting for the occasion (my birthday)to come, so he can finally give it to me.

What are the things about him that you are thankful for?
He is the only man I know who is good in making surprises. Like literally, he will surprise me with things I long for the most. And not only that, sometimes pranks, last minute parties and events. And it is such a wonderful thing when the man of your life gives you moments which you will definitely cherish and enjoy. Right now, I don't have any idea what's in store for me, from him on Christmas. I know he wrapped something (sweet!) And the anticipation is killing me! The effort alone, is already joyous for me.
I will also tag the nice people from my blogroll. Enjoy!
Big Hugs!


niko said...

oist ench!! woohohohoho so inlove.. heheh nice to know you have a very thoughful husband.. happy for u. so kilig here. :D

thanks for doing the tag.. and if u still have time.. here is another one hahaha

Michelle said...

You guys look like such a happy couple. Beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing.

Enchie said...

Thanks Niko and Michelle! We're very happy.

Elizabeth said...

ganda nman ng love story, and the attraction ha? physical and intellectual! you're so fortunate to have a very thoughtful hubby, bihira ang ganun a! inggit yata ako, hehehe...lalo na sa DSLR part, hahaha! thanks for sharing this!

Enchie said...

Naku thank you Beth for loving our "love story"

Chris said...

nice post... :) thanks for sharing. you are so blessed!

this post reminds me that i have a tag waiting for me too ;) better post my entry soon.

Enchie said...

Can't wait to read your story Chris...

{ Jhari } said...

Nice one te Chie. I tagged myself with this meme instead of the other one. Hirap kasi nun eh, hehehe!

Enchie said...

No problem Jhari...

{ Jhari } said...

Btw, te Chie our husbands are the same. They both love surprises and my husband wasnt' hesitant also to buy our Niknok last year just bcoz I asked for it. I guess we're lucky to be blessed with these type of guys - hahaha!

Bombchell said...

wow that is so adorable!!!!

Umma said...

You look so lovely in ur wedding gown mommy Ench..sarap talaga ng feeling in love..
Im not done with this tag yet.. still digging up some pics hahaha