Fun Google Tag

12 December 2008

It is indeed a fun tag Umma and Kikamz! Thanks ladies!
The rules will start by using Google Images to search for your answers to the questions below. You must choose pictures from the first page from the results and post it as your answer.
1. Age Of My Next Birthday
2. Place/places I Would Like To Travel

atlanta georgia
new zealand
3. My Favorite Place
laiya batangas
4. A Favorite Thing
my canon rebel xs
5. My Favorite Food
puttanesca, sushi platter, burrito
6. My Favorite Color/s

7. The City I Reside Now
8. The City I Was Born
9. My College Major
10. Name of Your First Lover
11. A Bad Habit
eating too much
12. A Hobby/Hobbies
13. My Wish List (max of 3)

A White Christmas, Travelling with my family and a new lens, or if lucky, a set of new lenses(feeling ko naman ha!ha!ha!).
Let me tag:
Beth, Chris, Jes, Jhari, Ms.Jen, Marie
It's a great tag ladies ;)
12 Days before Christmas!
Big Hugs!


Jes said...

this id really fun enchie! Thank you very much! =) i will post it tom! =)

{ Jhari } said...

Thanks for the tag ate. I'm done with it, check out my answers here.

Umma said...

Wow.. Mommy Enchie,I got to know you more better now..your major is culinary?

Thanks for posting this PRETTY Mommy.

Marie said...

I want to snag this tag badly! LOL pede?

Musta ka na Sis... ganda tlga ng blue theme sa Christmas tree classy looking! Try ko nga yan next year... eh kaso panay red theme lang ako 3 straight years. Masubukan nga nxt year!

kikamz said...

hi mommy enchie! you have such a gorgeous camera there! thanks for posting the tag. am glad you enjoyed doing it.

Chris said...

i posted my reply to this tag na :)