Are You Ready With Your Xmas List-edited

02 December 2008

I literally had a blank list until my husband asked for it 2 days ago. Not only I have a blank piece of paper, I also have nothing in mind. I got stuck with the thought that I have few presents to give this year. Knowing that, buying gifts won't be that stressful and hard. I'm done with the children's toys. But for the rest, I don't know where to begin, and we're just weeks away from Christmas.
This weekend, my husband helped me window shop for possible presents. Saturday, we went to TriNoma Mall. Sunday, Greenhills and today (monday) in SM. In Greenhills, I was able to buy some. The nice thing about that place is the wide range of choices. In one day, you can finish your holiday shopping with bags of cuteness and stuff for both men and women.
This evening, I was able to finalize our list. Yehey! I do have a deadline, because my husband needs to know how much will he set aside for our holiday expenses. From the gifts, to the noche buena feast (which I will share in another entry) and even for some new clothes. I jotted down the things/products needed with the current prices. I added a little to the present number to be on the safe side. It's better to go over a bit with the budget, than to run short. While I was fixing our expenses, my husband and I had an exchange of hints on what Christmas presents will we have for each other. It was really funny. He even left me a message on MS Word, giving me the link to where I could have an idea on what he wanted for Christmas. As for me, anything is fine. That's the good thing if you stay at home a lot, there's not much to ask for.
And lastly, I do have some heart-warming wishes this season...
That's minus Zac Efron (cause Ialready have my handsome star)

Big Hugs!

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liza said...

haay, mabuti ka pa, i haven't started shopping, malapit na akong magpanic hehe.

have a great week ;)

Marie said...

Sis cute naman ng wish list mo..Snow for Christmas! Sige maghanda handa ka jan padadalhan kita ng isang truck na snow flakes LOL. Pede ding gawing halo halo, dami kasi sa paligid namin hayyyyy!

Ako yong taong worse pagdating sa gifts, kasi ayoko ng I have to choose kung ano ang gift na ibibigay ni hubby LOL. This year ewan ko kung ano ang gusto kong regalo sa pasko! As what you've said, taong bahay lang din ako so minimal ang needs.

Happy Holiday to you and to your family! Cute naman ng anak mo! Btw, salamat salamat ng marami sa pagbisita and leaving comments sa blogs ko. Haba ng comment ko grabe, comment pa ba to! LOL.

So ingat! At salamat ng marami!

Umma said...

Oh My, you're all set my dear.. good for you but I havent started yet..

Its kind of hard to choose a gift to family members especially guys..
Hay buhay..

Happy weekend my dear.. Enjoy the rest of it..