Weekend Snapshot---Krispy Kreme, Rocky and Gifts

01 December 2008

Saturday: I loafed around TriNoma. And ended the night with a dozen of Krispy Kreme. Half Regular Glazed, and the rest, this mouth-watering Choco Iced Glazed donuts.
Sunday: We went to Greenhills and did a little Christmas Shopping. Never go there on a weekend and during payday combined. He!he!he! Around the toy area at Shoppesville, Rocky Balboa caught my eye. Same area where I took the Superman picture from my previous entry in One Woman's Tale.

To end, when we got home, I immediately gathered my materials for wrapping. Finally, I was able to come up on how I will wrap the presents this year. Metallic is my theme.What kept you busy this weekend?Wishing you a blessed and productive week ahead!
Big Hugs!


Juliana RW said...

looks yummy donut :D

My WS entry this week : in HERE. Hope you have time to visit . Thanks

Umma said...

Mommy Enchie, I didnt know there is a Krispy Kreme in MNL already? I love their glazed donuts here in US.. I always buy a dozen once Im craving for my sweet tooth.

I never conquer Manila yet.. If I hv the chance to go there someday, I will include it in my vacation.

FickleMinded said...

donuts are yummy and Rocky is hottie!!!

Lynn said...

That often happens to me too when I go to Trinoma. A box of KK goes along with me. :)

Joy said...

is there a gift for me???? Very special ang gift wrappers mo!!

Here is mine http://aussietalks.com/2008/12/santas-coming.html#comments

Shinade said...

i love your packages...oh my you wrapped them so beautifully. I am trying to ignore the food!!...Everyone has had such yummy pictures of food and I am getting so hungry!!


Happy WS:-)

Jeanne said...

the donuts is looks yummy

sweetytots said...

yummy donuts, I used to be one of the contractors for Krispy Kreme so I got too much of it.. but I miss it already.. I might grab a box on my way home tonight. we used to get 2 dozens of assorted doughnuts almost evevry night, that is if the Manager in charge is a "friend" of mine.. haha sweet.. thanks for dropping at my site for the weekend snapshot.
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sweetytots said...

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marites1034 said...

The Rocky Balboa looks real hehehehe! I miss Krispy Kreme! We don't have that one here. That is why each time somebody gets to Manila, I ask them to buy me a box. Gosh, you got me guilty. You've got some gifts all wrapped up already. Me, I haven't done shopping yet. Seriously.