10 Things ABout Me Tagged By Ms. Ray!

01 December 2008

Thanks Ms.Ray for the tag!

Each blogger starts with 10 random facts/habits about themselves.Bloggers that are tagged need to write about their own 10 random facts. Please post these rules and tag 10 others of your choice.Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they've been tagged and to read your blog.
1. I always have a calculator in my bag. Sometimes when on the road, and I think of something that concerns digits it makes it easier. By the way, we also have one in the car compartment. My husband got the virus too.
2.I am more of a pessimist (before). Bad noh? But, I didn't know that I was being one sided and looking at the negative effects more than seeing it both ways. When I got married, my husband taught me how to be more optimistic. Especially on handling family life. So, thanks to him.

3.I love watching A.S.A.P (nooon time variety show) I never miss it every sunday afternoon.

4.I never leave any task hanging. If I have to finish it 'til morning, 'til morning it is indeed for me.

5.I'm caught between not to- or watching Twilight, maybe, buy the book instead. Kids fills up every cinema that has Twilight.

6.I am a mid-priced person. Anything! clothes, products, toys, perfume, shoes. Well first, it helps controll the spending. At the same time I still get things of good quality. But I can go overboard on certain occasions.

7.I sometimes drive with an expired license. (Keep safe)

8.I play with the boys late at night, with a game of WarRock.

9.Certified Chocoholic

10.I keep listening to Natalie Merchant over and over again.

I'm tagging everyone!

Big Hugs!

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mari said...

hi enchie,
thanks for tagging me the Pink Sisterhood :)
btw, I have the Twilight series ebook, in case you wanted a copy pm me lang :)