26 October 2008

Ok. I think I'm still full from my recent "smorgasbord" frenzy. It's been a long time since my last visit to the buffet table. I kinda gained weight after giving birth to my first child. So as much as I wanted to taste everything that's delicious, all I can take is a well- balanced plate.
Last night, my husband took me and my son to one of the famous restaurants known for it's buffet style of dining. Dad's Restaurant in SM Megamall. Last time I ate there was in 2006. Actually, I need to congratulate myself, I was able to avoid that place for 2 years. Ha! All that just to lose "a bit" of my fat.
Anyway, I had a fantastic night. So here's what I got:
a plate of my favorite japanese delight

mixed tempura (prawn, crab meat and vegetables)

my dinner platter
I'm into japanese lately, that's why i concentrated on this international delicacy. The fish was fresh, the sauce was amazing.

Dad's Restaurant offers a wide range of dishes. From Filipino, Japanese, American, Norweigan and a lot more. Don't forget the line of desserts that will make you go ga-ga, that you just keep on coming back.

If you're from abroad or from the Philippines looking for an awesome Filipino dining experience, Dad's is the place to visit. Sure you don't wanna miss it!
Yellow plate: Covers Filipino dishes only P300+
Blue plate: Covers International dishes, including Filipino P580
No sharing and no left-overs
Kiddie Plate P180

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