My Birthday Wishlist and Me On Aging

27 October 2008

Less than a month from now, I will be hitting the big 3 zero. And what makes it more exciting? thinking on how will I celebrate it this year. I decided to make it simple. Dinner with my family and afterwards, out with my birthday cake & end up the night by making a birthday wish for a brighter future.
Birthdays are all about aging, we get older every year. And it should never be an issue to one's self. As a matter of fact, my husband & I would talk on how will we look like with white hair. For me, a salt & pepper look, plus a rockin' hairstyle, will do. It is one of life's wonders.
My wishlist?
-good health for my family
-a never-ending happiness
-more wisdom
-and a housePhotobucket
I really couldn't ask for anything more. Though, I wanted a DSLR before. But then, I realized that my Canon Digital Camera is good enough. I'm learning to rid myself from any material. Instead of me getting what I want, my child and my future children will come in first. On my 30th birthday, my life will change to become a better person. Numbers doesn't count anymore. Age is all about what God has gifted me with. And that is... spending my entire life being a Mother to my child, a Wife & a Partner to my loving husband.


Rhaingel said...

I hope that you achieve all your wishes for your birthday. I remembered my mom while reading your post. 'Twas really nice. Congratulations for a nice post. :)

Momachie said...

Thank you... :)

Mommy Jes said...

Hi, Mommy Jes here, blog hopping, sumali dn ako sa toy hunt, as a mom gusto ko lng dn po makisilip ng blog ng mom din hehehe =) hope you dnt mind =)