Mom's First Banana Split Wth His Little Boy

27 October 2008

Yeba! This may sound and look impossible. This is not only my first shared ice cream with my son, butit is my first Banana Split too. Dairy Queen served us with a big portion. I was very delighted to help Franky finish his ice cream.

Delicious DQ soft serve covered in luscious strawberry, pineapple, and chocolate toppings, with whipped topping and nestled between a sweet banana.
One day last week, we decided to dine out for dinner. With a full tummy, we thought that ice cream would still be great! I fed him and he fed me back. Seeing my son bloom into a sweet & loving child, made my heart beat at its softest. I see myself in him as he grows older. Sweet nothings as this one should always be remembered. For when the boy, who once shared some sweet time with his mom, is bound to have his own ice cream moments with his special someone sooner or later.
My thank yous for this short moment. We will both cherish this forever.

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Can you split that three-ways? :-)

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